Purposeful Innovation

Bringing exceptional design, innovation and technology to the market

We possess a passion for the consumer unlike any other company. At the heart of every idea put to paper, every decision approved and every product launched lies a dedication to ensure we create desire and excitement. Our winning products stand out from the crowd because they are as sleek and inventive as they are practical and efficient — like the Whirlpool Armstrong total laundry solution, made especially for consumers in China who like to prewash by hand and need extra storage space in their homes. As a result, we are delivering clear financial value as well as equity in our strong brands. That’s what leading the industry has meant to Whirlpool Corporation for more than a century, and so it remains.

Introducing a new product to the market or pushing an existing technology to new heights requires a type of breakthrough thinking that’s second nature for Whirlpool. But we don’t innovate simply because we can; we do so in a way that’s relevant and resonates with consumers. From smart aesthetics to unexpected conveniences to first-of-its-kind functionality, we carefully incorporate modern concepts into each product category of our multi-brand portfolio, as demonstrated by the sophisticated Jenn-Air Accolade ventilation system that virtually disappears when not in use.