About Green Kitchen

Designed and developed in Europe, GREENKITCHEN is a Kitchen Eco-system concept. It supports a strategy to develop cutting edge products within technological reach that offer high energy-efficiency and reduce impact on the environment. Inspired by nature, GREENKITCHEN seeks out ways to adapt, reduce and recycle, using only what is needed for each task. It reduces waste that negatively impacts the environment, optimizing resources and imitating the cycles of nature.

At the heart of GREENKITCHEN is a creative and intelligent combination of existing and future technologies. Its real innovation is the linking of products to become a truly integrated network, providing solutions which optimize energy and resources. It responds to the needs of today’s consumers, helping them to achieve savings of up to 70 per cent on energy bills with the further benefit of increased durability and longevity of appliances.

The GREENKITCHEN concept demonstrates how design thinking can visually bring to life the compelling story of sustainable living. Framing state-of-the-art technology within an intelligent and flexible design, it combines organic forms, lighting, sound and interactive elements to create a sensitively landscaped environment. Its luminous framing wall unit hosts a system of discreet, intelligent appliances whose features delight, calm and inspire. Its personalized environment allows space for life’s natural pleasures and a more ecological lifestyle.

Just as the blow-fish changes shape, GREENKITCHEN provides adaptive cavities and modular units for a flexible environment where height and volume can be customized according to needs: in the adaptive oven, in the dish drawer and in the cold drawer, with optimized energy consumption. Likewise, the sensors of the Freestyle Hob provide heat only where needed. The Herbarium offers perfect growing conditions in a controlled environment that combines the residual heat from the oven with humidity from the sensor hood. Just imagine growing fresh strawberries all year round in your own kitchen.

GREENKITCHEN‘s strategy of maximizing energy-efficiency helps consumers reduce waste and achieve savings of up to 70 per cent on energy bills. Average savingsare achieved through the combination of (1) future generation products, offering 16 per cent energy improvements; (2) optimized use of water, heat and energy with potential savings of 24 per cent; (3) changes in consumer behavior, delivering savings of approximately 10 per cent, and (4) co–generation domestic systems that produce both hot water and electricity, reducing costs by 20 per cent.

Every day, every household wastes a vast amount of water. Just in the everyday activities of drinking, cleaning, cooking and washing, liters of clean water are lost
down the sink. Imagine if this water could be saved: GREENKITCHEN does this.
Clean water is captured to undergo anti-bacterial treatment in a tank positioned just above the fridge compressor. The fridge compressor then heats up the water for use in the dishwasher. From the same tank, this recycled, purified water can also be used for watering plants, cleaning the floor and so on.