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The combination of Whirlpool and Maytag will create significant value for our shareholders and direct benefits for consumers, trade customers, employees and shareholders. Whirlpool, together with the Maytag brands, will continue to provide the highest-quality products to consumers around the world. Whirlpool continues to maintain a relentless focus on maintaining the best products at the best price with a spirit of winning that is unmatched in the industry.

Cash-in-lieu of fractional share paid in connection with the merger between Whirlpool Corporation and Maytag Corporation

The Merger Agreement between Whirlpool Corporation and Maytag Corporation provides that no fractional shares of Whirlpool Common Stock would be issued. Instead, each shareholder who would otherwise have been entitled to a fraction of a share of Whirlpool Common Stock would receive cash, without interest, representing such holder’s pro rata portion of the gross proceeds from the sale of all fractional shares of Whirlpool Common Stock in the New York Stock Exchange.

In accordance, all fractional shares of Whirlpool Corporation due to former registered stockholders of Maytag Corporation were aggregated and sold in the New York Stock Exchange on Monday, April 3, 2006 at $92.773/share which applies to the registered holders of Maytag.

If you held Maytag shares through a broker or financial institution, please contact your broker or financial institution for details on your fractional share payout.

If you have any questions regarding the cash-in-lieu of fractional share payment, please contact Whirlpool Corporation’s transfer agent, Computershare toll-free at (877) 453-1504.

Important Investor Information regarding PINES

The 7.875% Maytag Public Interest Notes (PINES) due 2031 will be called on August 8, 2006. Holders of the Notes will receive a regular quarterly dividend on August 1, 2006. On August 8, 2006, holders of the Notes will receive a payment at 100% of par ($25.00 per share), plus interest accrued from August 1 through August 8. Payment will be made through the Depository Trust Company to the noteholders' brokerage accounts.

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For questions about your Form 1099B, please contact Computershare Trust Company at (877) 453-1504.


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