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Why is Whirlpool filing an anti-dumping petition?

Whirlpool is filing this petition to defend the U.S. appliance manufacturing industry and U.S. jobs against unfair trade practices in the high-end U.S. refrigerator market.  We believe that Samsung and LG have violated U.S. and international trade laws by dumping.  The evidence against Samsung and LG of product dumping, and material injury to Whirlpool, our U.S. employees, and the U.S. appliance manufacturing industry, is compelling.

Whirlpool also has filed a countervailing duty petition to defend the U.S. industry and U.S. jobs against unfair subsidies given by the South Korean government to Samsung and LG in the past few years. 

Whirlpool is taking these steps to establish conditions of fair competition in the U.S. appliance industry so we can continue to create jobs, invest in new facilities, and undertake research to spur innovation in the United States.

Why is Whirlpool filing the petition now?

Whirlpool closely monitors market conditions affecting all of its products, and we continuously evaluate the full range of options to ensure a level playing field in the global market place.  We filed this petition after an exhaustive review of the facts over the last three years that revealed compelling evidence of dumping, subsidization, and material injury to Whirlpool and the U.S. appliance manufacturing industry.

What is a bottom-mount combination refrigerator-freezer?

A bottom-mount combination refrigerator-freezer is one of the most popular innovations in home refrigeration appliances, reducing energy usage and providing greater convenience to consumers.  It may have two, three or four doors that open up to an eye-level, wide-open interior that allows consumers to store, view, and access all fresh food easily.  Bottom-mount refrigerators, also called bottom- mount freezers because the freezer is on the bottom, use about 16 percent less energy than side-by-side refrigerators, according to the Consumer Energy Center.  These freezers are designed to bring food closer to users for quick and easy access.

Where does Whirlpool make bottom-mount refrigerators?

Whirlpool makes nearly all of its bottom-mount refrigerators in the United States.

When does Whirlpool expect to hear back from the U.S. International
Trade Commission and Department of Commerce?

Whirlpool expects to receive a preliminary decision in mid-May by the U.S. International Trade Commission on whether Whirlpool has been injured by Samsung and LG.  The Department of Commerce’s preliminary decision on the level of subsidies is expected in August and on dumping in October.  The final decisions are due in about a year (March 2012).

What will happen if the government finds in favor of Whirlpool?

Should the U.S. government find in favor of our petitions, the government would assess duties against bottom-mount refrigerator-freezers made by these companies to restore a level playing field.

Does Whirlpool support the Korea-U.S. Free Trade Agreement?

Whirlpool supports open trade, including pending agreements with South Korea, Columbia and Panama.  We want these agreements to be passed as soon as possible.  We are also advocating for the completion of the Doha Round and strongly support the World Trade Organization.  As the largest U.S. and global appliance manufacturer, Whirlpool and its employees, customers, and shareholders stand to gain from fair and open trade.