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Officers and Trustees

Through the leadership and vision of our Board of Trustees and Officers, Whirlpool Foundation has grown and impacted many communities.  These leading figures of Whirlpool Corporation truly embody Whirlpool Foundation’s spirit of social responsibility with their work for and dedication to community causes.

Jeff Noel, President
Dave Binkley, Vice President
John Geddes, Secretary/Treasurer

Jim Keppler
Deb O'Connor

Larry Prange

Candy Garman


Whirlpool Foundation focuses on identifying outstanding organizations and programs that are centered on quality family life, cultural diversity and lifelong learning.  In addition to our formal programs, Whirlpool Foundation addresses community issues through partnerships and collaboration to better leverage resources and broaden the impact of change and improvement.

Whirlpool Foundation Vision

Whirlpool Foundation will contribute to the social concerns found in our home communities through grants, volunteerism and leadership.  The contribution of these resources will enable our company to express and demonstrate our spirit of social responsibility by investing back into the very communities that drive our success.

More than half a century ago, Louis and Frederick Upton, two of Whirlpool Corporation's founders, established Whirlpool Foundation and made a commitment — a promise — to reinvest in the community. Their intent was to provide financial and leadership support for nonprofit organizations dedicated to improving the quality of life in the communities where Whirlpool operated. 

Whirlpool Foundation will keep that decades-old promise, using new and innovative ways to make lasting impact on society, with an emphasis on our home communities.


Whirlpool Corporation directors, employees and retirees take pride in giving of themselves financially and personally to worthwhile organizations. Our employee-directed programs provide a venue for them to demonstrate their spirit of giving while directing a dollar-for-dollar amount of Whirlpool Foundation’s funds to an organization located within communities where Whirlpool Corporation operates and is aligned with our giving strategy. These programs include the Matching Gifts program, the Disaster Relief Initiative program and our annual United Way campaigns.

Matching Gifts
The Matching Gifts Program is designed for Whirlpool employees, retirees, and directors to support U.S.-based nonprofit organizations located within communities where Whirlpool Corporation operates and whose missions enhance Whirlpool Foundation’s three strategic focus areas.  A Matching Gifts application can be found on the Whirlpool Employee Portal:
About Whirlpool  -  Leadership, Values and Global Locations  -  Whirlpool Foundation  -  For Employees

In 2011, our employees, retirees and directors made donations to Whirlpool community nonprofit organizations totaling more than $230K.  The Matching Gifts program offered a way of combining these personal contributions with Whirlpool Foundation’s dollar-for-dollar match, totaling more than $460K contributed toward the sustainability and viability of organizations to which our employees are committed.

Disaster Relief Initiative
Disasters inflict devastating losses on the people residing in affected communities. When natural disasters occur, the people at Whirlpool are among of the first to respond and extend their support. Whirlpool Foundation matches the disaster relief contributions made by Whirlpool directors, employees and retirees, dollar-for-dollar.

United Way
Whirlpool Corporation’s employees and retirees across the United States participate every year in raising funds for local United Way campaigns in their respective locations.  Whirlpool Foundation offers a dollar-for-dollar match on contributions made to these campaigns.

In 2011, Whirlpool Foundation matched nearly $1.7 million in pledges to United Way made by more than 7,000 U.S.-based Whirlpool Corporation employees and retirees, resulting in over $3 million dollars contributed.  In turn, United Way funds hundreds of programs within Whirlpool communities that focus on education, income, health and basic needs.


Each year, the Whirlpool Foundation Sons and Daughters Scholarship program recognizes and rewards children of employees at Whirlpool Corporation’s various locations for their academic and personal achievements, leadership and community involvement.

Since the first two scholarships were awarded in January of 1952, more than 1,600 sons and daughters of Whirlpool Corporation employees have received scholarships and awards to help finance their college educations, totaling more than $14 million.  Presently there are more than 100 scholarship recipients attending colleges and universities across the nation.


Whirlpool Foundation will partner to provide a secure, safe and nurturing home environment that builds healthy Whirlpool communities.  Through strategic grant-making, we have provided financial support to promote change and improvement to organizations aligned with our giving strategy. 

Please note that at this time, given previous grant commitments and budget realities, Whirlpool Foundation is not accepting new requests for grant-making.  Once grant-making becomes available, information will be posted on this website with directions to apply.