Our aim is for Whirlpool Corporation to be known, trusted, and respected as one of the top enterprises in the world.   We have strict guidelines by which we conduct our business and the Whirlpool Code of Ethics requires each of us to act responsibly and maintain the highest levels of personal, business, and legal conduct. 

In all aspects of our business, Whirlpool is continually looking for ways to ensure that we do the right thing.  Whirlpool has undertaken a project to formalize our expectations of suppliers regarding working conditions.  Our new Supplier Code of Conduct is a logical next step in helping ensure that our company's strong values endure.

The Whirlpool Corporation Supplier Code of Conduct sets forth the key principles under which we expect our suppliers worldwide to operate.  Simply put, we expect to work with suppliers and factories that provide safe, lawful and humane conditions for their workers in accordance with applicable local laws.  The Code applies to facilities involved in the production of products and components for Whirlpool or any of our subsidiaries, vendors or agents.

Whirlpool's long-standing reputation for quality, excellence, and integrity demands that our employees and our suppliers make the right choice in all cases.  As you know, there is no right way to do a wrong thing.



Jeff M. Fettig
Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer

 To download a PDF of Whirlpool Corporation's Code of Ethics, please click here.

To submit an online report anytime, please visit the Whirlpool Ethics Hotline website.