Water Consumption

In 2008, Whirlpool Corporation’s manufacturing facilities worldwide consumed 9.3 million cubic meters of water. Between 2004 and 2008,  the amount of water consumed by our manufacturing facilities declined by 15 percent, even after we added four facilities as a result of the 2006 acquisition of Maytag Corporation. 

Water Consumed In the manufacturing process

In 2008, Whirlpool Corporation used 0.2 cubic meters of water to produce each major appliance.  The amount of water used per unit during our manufacturing process declined by 21.5 percent between 2004 and 2008, even after factoring in the addition of four manufacturing facilities as part of the 2006 acquisition of Maytag Corporation. 

Water Consumed / Major Appliance* In the manufacturing process

We continually look for ways to reduce the water consumed through the production of our appliances .  Following are just a few examples of our efforts:

Technology reduces water use in italy 

Our cooking and refrigeration manufacturing facility in Cassinetta, Italy, installed a co-generation system that will reduce water consumption by 30 percent.  The facility also recently installed a new ultrasound washing machine technology, which will save an additional 5 percent of water per year.

water use improvements in france

At the Whirlpool manufacturing facility in Amiens, France, an environmental program initiative has led to savings of approximately 60% in water consumption since 1999.  The program also has achieved significant improvements in the quality of discharged waste water.

reusing waste water 

In 2000, the Joinville, Brazil, compressor facility began reusing waste water in the manufacturing process.  Currently approximately 60% of the water used in the manufacturing process at that facility is reused wastewater.  At the new Beijing, China, compressor facility, which opened in 2005, approximately 50% of the water used in the manufacturing process is reused wastewater. 

waste water plant in poland 

We set up a new water treatment system in our cooking, dishwasher and refrigeration manufacturing facility in Wroclaw, Poland, to ensure that industrial waste water generated by technological processes met the Whirlpool Corporation EHS Global Standards, as well as local standards.  

*Water Consumed/Major Appliance is based on the amount of water used to produce appliances divided by the number of major appliances manufactured by Whirlpool Corporation. The unit of production factor does not include any minor appliances or components produced by Whirlpool, or any licensed appliances not produced by Whirlpool Corporation.