Whirlpool Social Responsibility

A strong sense of social responsibility instilled with an equally strong sense of business responsibility

Long before corporate social responsibility and corporate governance became a focus of business and society, Whirlpool Corporation employees were conducting business with integrity and extending a helping hand to stakeholders in times of need.

Throughout the years, Whirlpool has built a culture of doing the right things based on living up to our commitments to stakeholders and by quietly working behind the scenes to strengthen the economic and social fabric of the communities in which we operate.

A Long History of Responsibility

Near the shores of Lake Michigan, Lou, Emory and Fred Upton created the Upton Machine Company in 1911 to produce electric, motor-driven wringer washers. The company's first major order for 100 washing machines came almost immediately. A problem arose when a cast-iron gear in the transmission failed—in every single machine. Upon learning of the issue, Lou Upton replaced the defective parts with a new cut-steel gear. Impressed with the fledgling company's business ethics, the customer doubled its order to 200 washing machines.

While that event took place nearly 100 years ago, Whirlpool values remain unchanged. Whirlpool Corporation's founders Lou, Emory and Fred Upton continually improved their washer; they cared about their community, their employees and their customers. They believed that there is no right way to do a wrong thing. The company and its employees still believe that today. Click here to learn more about our vision, mission and values.

Recent Awards

Whirlpool Corporation has been recognized internationally by many organizations for its responsible activities, which may be viewed on our Awards and Recognition page.

Whirlpool Social Responsibility
Whirlpool Social Responsibility