Opportunity: Everywhere we operate, we’re focused on
opportunities to drive excellence and grow value.

Global operating excellence is the backbone of our best-cost platform. We are relentlessly focused on cost-takeout while also creating a culture of continuous improvement for processes and tools to drive increased productivity. This focus keeps us well-positioned to manage market volatility and to continue our history of creating value in any environment.

Our values are the driving
force behind everything
we do. Respect. Integrity.
Diversity and Inclusion.
Teamwork. Spirit of Winning.

Engage and Develop Our Global Workforce

We’ve become industry leaders by attracting, engaging and developing top talent. For the fourth consecutive year, we scored best-in-class on employee engagement among consumer goods companies. Original ideas and innovative thinking come from combining the best of everyone’s differences. Celebrating diversity and including thousands of perspectives empowers us to create products that appeal to diverse consumers throughout the world. We are passionate about creating a safe, healthy and engaged workplace.

We care about the
communities where we
live and work

Opportunity: Strengthen Communities, Empower People

Knowing great communities are the foundation of great business, we maintain strong connections to the communities where we operate. We encourage employees to volunteer and provide them with opportunities to make a difference within their neighborhoods. We are proud to support organizations such as Habitat for Humanity International®, United Way®, Instituto Consulado da Mulher® and the International Red Cross®.(c)

The Jeff Fettig Global Habitat Build Project

Having successfully collaborated with Habitat for Humanity International® for nearly 18 years, we had a unique opportunity to honor Jeff Fettig, who stepped down as CEO in 2017. We created a global build project with Habitat which included 14 locations from India and China to Brazil and Colombia.

Habitat for Humanity and Whirlpool Corporation employees continued the tradition of helping families achieve their dream of owning a home. Two hundred seventeen employees, including executives, lent a helping hand. For Jeff Fettig, this became the ultimate recognition of his years of service and commitment to making a difference in our communities.

New Consul Washer
Maxi Economia: saves
40% of water and soap
and 100% of the water
can be reused

Opportunity : Reduce Environmental Impacts

As the world’s largest manufacturer of major home appliances,(a) we have an unwavering commitment to care for our employees, customers, communities and the planet. Reducing the amount of water and energy our products use, driving zero waste to landfill, and using solar and wind energy to power our facilities are all part of our effort to reduce our impact and address climate change while making lives and homes better.

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