Our Operations

Global Manufacturing

At Whirlpool, we remain relentlessly focused on creating a culture of continuous improvement to drive productivity, creating value in any environment. In 2019, we made significant progress in leveraging our global scale and advancing our journey to best-in-class levels of performance in our manufacturing operations in every region. Further embedment of World Class Manufacturing (WCM) is yielding positive operating results including lower cost and working capital along with improved levels of quality and safety. A key component of WCM is empowering our manufacturing employees at all levels of the organization to proactively identify ways to operate more efficiently and decrease complexity within our operational processes.

We are transforming our industrial operations by enabling real-time data visibility and connectivity between equipment on the factory floor. This provides more accurate and consistent data, eliminates manual work and allows us to make decisions faster.

The use of advanced analytics and AI in manufacturing provides for enhanced testing capabilities and defect detection. The integration of product development, comprehensive launch processes and our WCM production system is enabling speed to market at best-in-class quality levels for our innovative products.