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We know a consumer’s experience is our best competitive edge. Our strong brand portfolio is a key asset that continues to position Whirlpool Corporation as the leader in the home appliance industry. In the global landscape, we utilize our manufacturing scale while maintaining the agility to target 90% of consumers throughout the world. To further meet consumer preferences and behaviors, our trusted brands utilize sophisticated data to help drive concepts to decision making, differentiate brand personalities and shape consumer engagement and satisfaction. How we understand our consumers has changed exponentially in the past five years, and the digital journey has broadened our ability to be more effective, efficient and impactful.

2019 was an unprecedented year in our history as we fully leveraged our global scale, and as a result, accelerated our rate of innovation and the digital transformation journey to deliver appliances designed and engineered with organizational excellence, customized and tailored to suit the needs of brand audiences.

Above: Whirlpool W Collection No Frost fridge freezer features an advanced Cooling System and 6TH SENSE technology.

Above: KitchenAid Sous-vide Drawer uses a low temperature cooking method to bring out the flavors of every ingredient, making dishes juicy and tender. The Vacuum 14cm Drawer seals fresh ingredients in dedicated pouches that cook inside the Chef Touch Steam Oven.

Above: Brastemp Double Wash washer with two independent baskets and individual dispensers.


Our acquisition of Yummly has accelerated the digital transformation journey and reached beyond appliances to bring the connected kitchen to life. Yummly solves the everyday dinner dilemma by answering, “What’s for Dinner?” before it’s even asked, removing obstacles to cooking, and offering personalized recommendations based on dietary restrictions and preferences. Not only a leading recipe app with over 26 million registered users and 10 million email subscribers, Yummly continues to grow as the operating system for many of Whirlpool Corporation’s connected appliances, enabling personalized meal discovery, guided step-by-step recipe instructions, immersive cooking experiences, and integration with our appliances to deliver perfect cooking results every time.


*Whirlpool Corporation ownership of the Hotpoint brand in EMEA and Asia Pacific regions is not affiliated with the Hotpoint brand sold in the Americas.