Our Environmental Approach

Our environmental approach includes a strong set of long-term goals along with yearly targets that cut across our products, plants, and internal design and sourcing practices in five areas:

  • Plant Efficiency: With leadership focus, we drive toward our yearly intensity goals and absolute targets, moving closer to our 2030 emissions goals. Our key initiatives include rapid expansion of renewables on-site and off-site, as well as factory efficiency programs in support of our World Class Manufacturing (WCM) system.
  • Carbon: We are focusing our efforts on assessing our carbon-related risks, developing carbon offset strategies and governance practices, and reporting against our approved science-based targets.
  • Design for Environment: We are focused on driving full material transparency to reduce the use of substances of high concern. In addition to better tracking these chemicals, we are working with our internal design teams and external suppliers to drive new alternatives and practices to improve product environmental performance and identify and deploy new material alternatives.
  • Circular Economy: We are aiming to deliver solutions that allow Whirlpool Corporation to implement more closed-loop models, drive recycled content, and overall circularity across the value chain at a global level.
  • Sustainable Home Innovations: One of our most transformational initiatives, the Sustainable Home Innovations program, looks at what is next in sustainable living and how to make net zero living possible utilizing new ecosystems and connected appliances. The program utilizes public private partnerships, including the ReNEWW House (see page 28 for more) to deliver disruptive technology innovations and knowledge around better living at home.

Each of these programs is led by subject matter experts who drive initiatives directly into our business. With support from functional leaders, they make strategic and resource decisions in real time along with monthly reviews for progress. Each program has annual targets, three-year targets, and long-term goals.

“In 2019, we delivered our best environmental results in almost every single category, and we expect to continue on this accelerated pace in 2020.”

Ron Voglewede, Global
Sustainability Director