Our Integrity Manual

Our culture of integrity is put into action every day by our 77,000 global employees. Our code of ethics, which was enhanced and renamed Our Integrity Manual, represents how we translate our integrity into action.

Our Integrity Manual is intentionally designed into two sections: a cultural section and a principles section. The cultural section describes our values, while the principles section translates our integrity value into everyday actions.

Whirlpool Corporation’s commitment to integrity begins with its leadership. All of Whirlpool’s top leaders globally attended training in which they reviewed and committed to action all of these principles. In turn, these leaders actively led similar training, in which nearly three quarters of our 77,000 employees participated. This commitment set the tone for our belief that how we achieve our goals is just as important as what we accomplish.

The Integrity Manual Training Sessions emphasized that Our Integrity Manual is a resource for them to be empowered to lead and win with integrity every day, including tools, such as a decision tree when faced with an ethical question.


We do what is right for our CONSUMERS

  • We keep the consumer at the center of everything we do
  • We design and manufacture safe and
    high-quality products
  • We honor the promises we make
  • We respect privacy

We do what is right for our PEOPLE

  • We respect each other and promote
    inclusion and diversity
  • We are committed to provide a safe and
    healthy workplace
  • We believe in global human rights
  • We are committed to sustainability and
    the environment

We do what is right for our COMPANY

  • We report our work accurately
  • We use company assets properly
  • We safeguard confidential information
  • We avoid conflicts of interests
  • We represent the company properly

We do business the RIGHT WAY

  • We prevent bribery
  • We compete fairly
  • We do not tolerate money laundering
  • We manage our global business appropriately
  • We expect our suppliers to conduct
    business ethically