We Design and
Manufacture Safe and
High-Quality Products

Product safety and quality is at the forefront of everything we do: from designing the first electric-powered wringer washer to the latest connected technology, nothing matters more to us than earning and keeping the trust of our consumers.

The first principle of Our Integrity Manual is that we keep the consumer at the center of everything we do. Our consumers trust us in their homes, so we are passionate about bringing them products that are safe and high quality.

Whirlpool Corporation has a strong, multi-decade record of a proactive approach to premarket safety design and testing, monitoring the field safety performance, and timely conducting corrective actions, when necessary, to help protect consumers. Whirlpool Corporation has a comprehensive safety system which includes policies, procedures, and guidelines in place for risk assessment, field monitoring, field safety investigations, analysis, and reporting potential safety hazards.

Our governance model is implemented through the Global Product Safety (“GPS”) system, which defines clear roles and responsibilities for all employees, requires pre-market risk assessments, post-sale monitoring of product safety, and defines required communication protocols for any risks that are identified. Our management approach is based on the international standards defined by ISO 9001 and 58% of our sites are certified to their quality management systems.

Finally, our governance model also includes supplemental product safety standards designed to exceed industry standards. These standards include requirements for electrical shock hazards, fire/explosion hazards, suffocation/choking hazards, and entrapment hazards, among others, and are required for every new product that Whirlpool Corporation sells around the world. Our governance model includes rigorous processes and techniques for our engineering teams to help identify and assess potential safety and quality issues. As a result of these robust product safety and quality protocols, we proactively implemented corrective action campaigns related to certain legacy-Indesit washers and dryers primarily sold in the U.K.