Sustainability Accounting Standards Board

The Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) connects businesses and investors on the financial impacts of sustainability. Our 2019 Sustainability Report marks the first time that Whirlpool has reported to the SASB framework against the Consumer Goods Sector—Appliances Manufacturing Standards.

SASB—Sustainability Accounting Standards Board
Consumer Goods Sector—Appliance Manufacturing
Sustainability Disclosure Topics & Accounting Metrics:
Topic Accounting Metric Category Unit of Measure Code Response
Product Safety Number of (1) recalls issued and (2) total units recalled Quantitative Number CG-AM-250a.1 2 voluntary recalls issued in 2019, with a total of 565k units that were subject to these recalls. No involuntary recalls were issued.
Discussion of progress to identify and manage safety risks associated with the use of its products Discussion and Analysis n/a CG-AM-250a.2 Product Safety and Quality
Total amount of monetary losses as a result of legal proceedings associated with product safety Quantitative Reporting currency CG-AM-250a.3 $5.6M
Product Life Cycle Environmental Impacts Percentage of eligible products by revenue certified to the Energy Star program Quantitative Percentage (%) by revenue CG-AM-410a.1 44% (United States only)

(Excludes licensed products and products without an Energy Star label)
Percentage of eligible products by revenue certified to an Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM) sustainability standard Quantitative Percentage (%) by revenue CG-AM-410a.2 0% in 2019, due to competing retailer sustainability labels and lack of usage in market.
Description of efforts to manage products’ end-of-life impacts Discussion and Analysis n/a CG-AM-410a.3 Product Life Cycle and End of Life
Annual production Quantitative Number of units CG-AM-000.A 67,405 (in thousands)