When you think of great Consumer Services, what comes to your mind? Provide consumers the best possible after-sales service. Well, Whirlpool EMEA is moving up from one spend level to the next! In 2014 Central Consumer Services team launched a new project with the clear aim to enhance the consumer’s benefits in managing service and warranty. In the first wave Germany, Russia and Romania are live with the Online Product Registration for Whirlpool Brand. In those countries consumers can directly register their product on the landing page www. whirlpool.eu/register (as reported on Product leaflet) and data will be directly stored in our systems and available both for service and marketing purposes.

Starting from June 2014, all 22 countries offered our end consumers the On-Line Product Registration process to easily and quickly enter all necessary personal and product information. This will help us to know the appliance details in advance if the consumer contacts the call center and significantly reduce the cost of the call. We’ll be ready as well to proceed faster and to serve our consumers with better with his/her issue. Lastly, all the data used on the product site will link our consumers with our company ensuring right customer management sheet. According to a good tradition launched in CS: celebration cake for Germany, Russia and Romania getting alive with On Line Product Registration.

Congratulation to all project team for the great job done and the passion demonstrated in moving CS forward driving Big Growth in Contract and Service Level across the region!