Diversity & Inclusion

Our Diversity Makes the Difference!

At Whirlpool Corporation, we value all people, regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, nationality, age, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, physical ability, thinking/leadership style, or any other visible or invisible diversity. In fact, it is these differences, as well as our unique backgrounds and experiences, that provide the diversity of thought, great ideas, and innovation needed to grow our business. That is why we strive to create an inclusive culture that celebrates and values our diversity, and the difference it can make to our employees, our consumers, and our communities.

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Employee Resource Groups

Our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are essential to attracting, engaging, and retaining a diverse workforce and creating an inclusive workplace. Originating at our North American and Global headquarters in Michigan, our ERGs are quickly expanding around the globe.

Asian Community

logo_asian_networkThe Whirlpool Asian Community (WAC) cultivates Asian culture and infuses its vast benefits into our business and communities. Leveraging Asian talent and best practices help us create more opportunities and succeed globally. Since its inception in 2002, WAC has grown from 20 to over 300 passionate members who endorse Asian culture and celebrate the success it brings to our company.

Awareness of Visible and Invisible Disabilities (AVID)

The AVID Employee Resource Group is dedicated to enabling Whirlpool professionals and consumers with disabilities to reach their full potential by creating a fully inclusive work environment and robust recruiting effort. They will work to connect our brands to consumers with disabilities by supporting Whirlpool employees, our business and the community at large. AVID will provide training for managers, participate in job fairs to ensure that candidates with disabilities are fully represented in our employee population, increase awareness through internal communication efforts and participate in community events.

FOCUS Network

FOCUS NetworkThe FOCUS Network is working hard to build a culture of excellence within our local community and our overall corporation. Professional development and coaching for advancement helps to attract and retain diverse talent while also serving the corporate values through strong leadership and diversity initiatives. It is with these efforts that we plan to deliver added value throughout the business as well as elevate the level of inclusion among our diverse employees.

Hispanic & Latino Network

Whirlpool Hispanic & Latino NetworkIt doesn’t matter where you come from because all it takes is passion to find a place in our Whirlpool Hispanic & Latino Network (WHL). The network is 100% open to all and it provides a fun and friendly cultural experience for those who want to support the local Hispanic & Latino community or get in touch with their roots. With over 200 members, we are a group that loves to come together to share work experiences and provide career development for our members,  and support our local community while also celebrating our proud culture! With a wide range of activities ranging from a fun filled Soccer tournament to our Career Development Day, we encourage you to come join us as part of our network family!

Pride Network

Pride Network

We’ve been creating products for a century that enhance the home with the knowledge that all types of families need to be welcomed, included and celebrated. That mindset made us the first and only appliance manufacturer to receive a 100 score from the Human Rights Campaign. We’ve received perfect scores ever since the initial honor in 2003.

Because of our continued commitment to equality, we’ve become known as a great workplace for LGBT employees. Our in-house Pride Network aligns our values of Integrity, Respect, Diversity and Inclusion, Teamwork and a Spirit of Winning. We have also included domestic partner benefits and joined the Business Coalition for Workplace Fairness because it’s the right thing to do for the workplace and society. We also understand that moving toward full equality helps to improve everyone’s lives, one home and one family at a time.


Veterans Association

whirlpool-veterans-association-logoPerhaps no group understands the value of home more than our Whirlpool Veterans Association (WVA). To reward their sacrifice and tap into their dedication, we work hard to be recognized as one of the top veteran-friendly employers. The WVA recruits, trains and retains veteran talent and involves their families. Everyone is welcome as veterans and non-veterans work together to further the company’s excellence, help employees feel secure and continue to serve the communities we call home.

The WVA is actively involved within the community and sponsors several events, including the Southwest Michigan Military Ball benefiting the Homes for Our Troops charitable foundation.

Veterans Network

Women’s Network

logo_women_network2The Whirlpool Women’s Network (WWN) empowers and engages women at all levels within our corporation and community to ensure that all voices are heard. Through activities like the Global Women’s Summit, the group provides exposure to leadership and supports each individual’s career success. Training and development opportunities through the WWN pave the way for both members and our company as a whole to realize their full potential. This commitment to empower our employees drives our innovation and ability to stay in touch with today’s households.

Young Professionals Network

yp-logo-smWithin the Young Professionals Network, “young” describes our attitude more than our age. People of all ages join the YP! to achieve extraordinary results within their career and community. Tomorrow’s world leaders need a place to evolve their enthusiasm and turn into mentors. This group does both while also creating life-long customers as a living expression of home life for an upcoming generation. The energy created keeps our culture and products relevant and relatable so home always feels like home.

Catalyst® CEO Champions For Change Pledge

This public confirmation to increasing Whirlpool Corporation’s female representation in executive and senior-level positions helps to ensure accelerated inclusion of women, including women of color, in senior roles during the next five years.

Catalyst CEO Champions For Change is a global diversity and inclusion initiative that aims to advance more women into leadership positions. CEO Marc Bitzer’s personal commitment will involve: actively sponsoring female employees at Whirlpool Corporation, acting as a role model for positive change, empowering women in their careers, encouraging inclusivity in the workplace, and holding himself and other company leaders accountable.

“More female leaders will only make Whirlpool Corporation stronger,” said Bitzer. “With millions of consumers using our products everyday around the world, our company benefits from a diverse employee base that mirrors those consumers we serve. This public pledge reinforces our commitment to Diversity & Inclusion which has been a core value of the company for decades.”

Awards and Recognition

We are humbled by the recognition from well-respected organizations for our leadership in diversity. We have attained a perfect score from the Human Rights Campaign’s U.S. Corporate Equality Index for 15 consecutive years.

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