news-mens-health02Did you know that June is Men’s Health Month? Well yes it is and since we are celebrating Men’s health,  did you know there is a test that could potentially save your life?  The test I’m referring to is a prostate screening.

Many health conditions can be prevented or detected early with regular checkups.  Regular prostate screenings may include blood pressure, cholesterol, glucose, prostate health and more!  And did you know that women are 100% more likely than men to visit the doctor for annual exams and preventive services? (

Besides making that appointment to get checked out to make sure you are truly as “healthy as an ox” – there are a few more things you can do to ensure your health is up to par!

Eat good, healthy foods– Start by making small changes to your daily routine like; having an apple or banana with your breakfast, saying no to super sizing your lunch meals, and switching one pop or beer for a water or low calorie beverage.

news-mens-health03Get up, get active – This doesn’t mean running out and having to join your local gym for hundreds of dollars, we just want to see you taking walks with grandkids/kids/spouse/etc, taking the stairs, and doing some yard work or gardening.  The thing to remember here is: do things you enjoy to stay motivated and moving.

Cut back or quit tobacco and alcohol use – reducing risky behaviors can drastically increase your life expectancy.  Men are more likely to die from lung cancer and chronic liver disease and cirrhosis than women. ( .

So what are you waiting for?