During the last quarter, five Whirlpool EMEA manufacturing sites successfully passed their first World Class Manufacturing (WCM) audit, after having worked extensively to implement WCM methodology in their processes.

World Class Manufacturing is a structured, rigorous and integrated methodology that covers every aspect of the company organization and is used uniformly in all Whirlpool plants world wide. The goal is to bring factory injuries to zero, as well as reducing defects, failures, waste, and inventory to zero.
This objective is achieved by improving daily work in production and processes and the qualitative performance of each individual employee. Improvement activities are measured by an audit system that assesses the level of implementation in each individual plant of the 10 “technical pillars” and 10 “managerial pillars” which constitute the backbone of WCM.

“The Naples team made a gift to all the factory workers by starting a journey that will shape their future. Challenging the status quo everyday is the strategy that will turn us into a world class factory. Because a journey always changes the traveller. And the best is yet to come,” commented Gabriele Guzzetti, Naples Site Leader.

Final audit score of the washing machine factory in Naples was 16 points.

Naples, Whirlpool World Class Manufacturing

“The excellent score achieved in this audit makes us very proud and confident about the future and the other stages that await us on our journey of transformation through WCM,” said Fabio Pommella, Wroclaw Site Leader.

Final audit score of the Wroclaw Cooking factory was 20 points.

Wroclaw, Whirlpool World Class Manufacturing

“This audit is another milestone on Cassinetta’s route map to world class manufacturing. We are very satisfied with the improvement that WCM is enabling us to implement in our factory; the audit result proves that we are on the right path and at the same time gives us useful input and strong motivation to develop further” Manuel Rossi, Cassinetta Site Leader.

Final audit score of the Cassinetta microwave factory in Italy was 18 points.

”This year the Lipetsk refrigeration plant celebrates its first 25 years and we’ve started to look ahead with the WPS Evolution journey. Our good score in this first WCM audit tells us we’re going in the right direction and that we have to continue to work with the same passion and determination to shape our future,” commented Francesco Celentano, Lipetsk Site Leader.

Final audit score of the Lipetsk refrigeration factory in Russia was 19 points.

“Our WPS journey started only 6 months ago and what has been achieved in such a short period of time is simply stunning. Our 20 point score gives us a big boost to move forward with even more determination and discipline,” Ilyas Kil, Manisa Site Leader.

Final score of the Manisa washing machine factory in Turkey was 20 points.

The audits are carried out by qualified WCM Association auditors who proceed by applying the same evaluation criteria used in the other world class manufacturing factories. At the end of the audit, the plant receives an overall assessment, which ranges from zero to one hundred, calculated on the basis of the analysis of each single pillar.