2017 Chinese New Year

This annual community-wide celebration will feature musical and martial arts performances, singers, dancers, and skits. Come see Speed Xiao from GPO’s amazing Martial Art Nunchaku and hear Li Wang from GIS’s violin performances.

During the celebration, you will sample authentic Chinese food and try Chinese crafts.

The celebration is collaboration between Whirlpool Asian Community and Bridge to China cultural and language school. A donation of $5 per person for age 12 or older is encouraged.

Established in 2002, the Whirlpool Asian Community promotes Asian culture and heritage to support Whirlpool Corporation’s success and profitability in the global market. For more information about the network, please contact Frank Chen at 269-923-2158 or Vipul Jain at 269-923-8274.

Bridge to China is a 501c3 organization providing Chinese language education and cultural enrichment programs to children and residents in Southwest Michigan. Bridge to China has been offering Business Chinese class on Whirlpool campus for 8 years. For more information, please contact Pam Kantor at 269-208-0556 or Cindy Lee at 269-325-2858.