Strike a pose!  Whirlpool Global Information System (GIS) employees starred in the Krasl Mannequin Challenge video.  On Thursday, March 2 members of the GIS NAR/CC, IOS and GPO teams assembled at the Krasl for the filming of their mannequin challenge video.

This all started as an employee engagement opportunity, until Matt Meier, VP and CIO, North America, decided to tap his colleagues on the shoulders and challenge them to participate.  “Challenge Accepted!”  was the response from both Mike Berendsen, VP, IOS,  and Regina Salazar, Sr. Director and Regional CIO, GPO.

You may ask, “Why is Whirlpool GIS doing this?”.  Well, we will be committing three (3) volunteer hours of each person’s time back to the Krasl.  They have numerous ways the volunteer – art shows, Annual Krasl Art Fair on the Bluff, etc.  As a whole, Whirlpool GIS is committing 500 volunteer hours to the Krasl.  This is 10% of the Krasl’s challenge to Twin Cities to contribute a grand total of 5000 volunteer hours.  Many organizations participated in this event.