The story of the Bauknecht brand began with founder Gottlob Bauknecht in 1919, when he opened his first electrotechnical workshop in Taiflingen, Germany. The engineer and passionate inventor wanted to make heavy work easier, so he devoted himself to the development and improvement of the electric motor. In 1948, Bauknecht turned his innovative energies to the kitchen and the household. His first product was Allfix, a food processor with a Bauknecht electric motor. This was followed in 1951 by the first Bauknecht refrigerator. In 1982, Bauknecht was integrated into the Philips Group, and in 1989 it became part of Whirlpool Corporation.

A regional brand in Europe with a strong German heritage, today the Bauknecht brand stands for quality, reliability and premium performance. Keenly focused on consumers who enjoy life with family and friends and care about the environment, the Bauknecht brand makes life more comfortable for consumers by offering high-quality appliances and technologies that provide comfort in use and make healthy living easy.

Building on Gottlob Bauknecht’s legacy of innovation, Bauknecht brand introduced several new appliances in 2010, including a new top-load washer and front-load laundry pair that use advanced sensor technology to continually monitor the wash-and-dry process and automatically adapt the cycle to save time, energy and water. The brand’s advanced technology also helps keep food fresher four times longer in the new ProFresh Combi refrigerator by automatically monitoring and adjusting the humidity and temperature inside the refrigerator.

Bauknecht brand continues to focus on and deliver stylish and modern designs that remain contemporary for many years. In 2010, the brand received 15 prestigious awards for outstanding design, user-friendliness, quality and sustainability — including a Red Dot design award and 14 Plus X awards.