Aligning with the UN Sustainable
Development Goals (SDGs)

The SDGs are a call for action by all countries to promote prosperity while protecting the planet. More important than ever, the goals provide a critical framework for how we recover from the COVID-19 pandemic as one interconnected world economy. Whirlpool Corporation shares many of the same goals, where we continuously aim to improve our products, our business and operations to benefit our employees, consumers, suppliers, customers and communities by building a better workplace, business and world.

Here are the Sustainable Development Goals we have prioritized, including aligning our ESG goals with their mission:

SDG Goal Whirlpool Goal Material Issue Actions
SDG Goal
8: Decent Work and Economic Growth 10: Reduced Inequalities
Whirlpool Goal
  • Increase by 50% the number of Black employees across all levels by 2025
  • Zero fatalities and serious incidents in all manufacturing sites
Material Issue
Diversity & Equal Opportunity

Occupational Health & Safety
  • Our Chairman and CEO became a founding member of OneTen Coalition®. See more on Diversity & Equal Opportunity.
  • Developed an Executive Inclusion and Diversity Council in 2020 composed of senior leaders from across the company.
  • Our Board of Directors is committed to seeking qualified diverse candidates, including diversity of race, gender and ethnicity in each independent director search.
  • 69% of our manufacturing plants are certified in OHSAS 18001.
SDG Goal
11: Sustainable cities and communities
Whirlpool Goal
  • Support the communities where
    we work
  • Expand our work with Habitat for Humanity® to double our impact of the last 20 years by 2025
Material Issue
Local Communities
  • Drive sustainable positive impact for all our current and future Black employees and our local communities by announcing our company’s Racial Equality Pledge in 2020.
  • Continuing to support Boys & Girls Clubs®, United Way®, Consulado Da Mulher® and Habitat for Humanity®.
  • Support communities during COVID-19.
  • Every Whirlpool Corporation site across the globe participated in local community engagement activities.
SDG Goal
12: Responsible Consumption and production
Whirlpool Goal
  • Zero waste to landfill in all manufacturing sites by 2022
  • Requesting full material disclosure from 100% of our global suppliers by 2021
  • 18% recycled plastic content targets, EMEA by 2025
Material Issue
Product Life Cycle & End of Life

Product Safety & Quality
  • Updated our zero waste to landfill program to align to the UL ECVP 2799 Zero Waste to Landfill Standard. 31 of 35 sites are at Silver level and above, with 71%, or 25 sites reaching Gold and Platinum levels.
  • Obtained ISO certification at our manufacturing sites:
    • 69% were ISO 14001 certified.
    • 73% were ISO 9001-2015 certified.
  • Deploy Global Material Compliance Portal to all regions in 2021 and request full material disclosure from all suppliers.
  • Established recycled plastic goals in EMEA and developing global goals.
SDG Goal
13: Climate Action
Whirlpool Goal
  • GHG emissions reduction by 2030:
    • from our products in use (Scope 3 category 11) of 20%*
    • from our plants (Scopes 1 & 2) of 50%*
  • Reduce 3% in energy intensity and 1% in water intensity every year in our plants
  • 95% reduction of high global warming potential refrigerants and foams by 2023
Material Issue
GHG Emissions
  • Set targets approved by the Science-Based Targets initiative (SBTi), representing our commitment to keep global warming well below the 2 degree Celsius target prescribed by the Paris Climate Agreement.
  • Obtained external limited assurance on our GHG emissions for the first time in 2020.
  • Enabling net-zero sustainable living through our partnership with Purdue University and our work with the Retrofitted Net-zero Energy, Water and Waste (ReNEWW) House at Purdue to provide valuable insights for the next generation of home and appliance ecosystems.
  • Accelerated the implementation of WCM Energy initiatives.

*Compared to 2016 baseline

Here is a snapshot of how we are helping achieve additional
Sustainable Development Goals through our efforts:

SDG Goal Material Issue Actions
SDG Goal
5: Gender Equality
Material Issue
Diversity & Equal Opportunity
  • Added one female director in 2020, resulting in 33% (or four) of our 12 non-employee directors being women.
  • In 2020, each female Board member participated in a Speakers Series hosted by the Whirlpool Women’s Network and attended by hundreds of our employees.
  • To continually improve the gender diversity in leadership positions as well as overall employee representation, we leverage a balanced approach which includes hiring through diverse candidate slates where possible, retention, and internal development and promotion strategies.
  • Supported education and youth development programs for over 4,000 youth in our headquarter community, of which 2,100 were Black students.
  • Since 2002, Whirlpool has supported women entrepreneurs with Consulado da Mulher®, which works to improve and empower the lives of socially vulnerable women, eradicate poverty and promote gender equality in Brazil.
SDG Goal
7: Affordable and Clean Energy
Material Issue
Energy Management
  • In 2020, we entered into a VPPA that is expected to cover 15% of our global Scope 2 emissions through investments in wind energy in the U.S.
  • We made on-site solar installations with new capacity in India and procured utility renewable energy in Mexico.
SDG Goal
9: Industry, Innovation and infrastructure
Material Issue
Technology & Innovation Inclusive of DfE
  • New global platforms with consumer innovation. See more on Our Purpose.
  • We created a Sustainable Packaging Playbook in 2020 to continue driving packaging innovation.
  • In 2020, we held the first sustainable packaging innovation event virtually in order to challenge both incumbent and new suppliers of packaging solutions, raw materials or technologies to bring forth new ideas.
  • We partnered with the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) and other member companies to jointly develop a universal and consistent framework to measure circularity. See more on Product Life Cycle and End of Life.
SDG Goal
16: Peace, Justice and strong institutions
Material Issue
Corporate Governance
& Ethics

Responsible Sourcing
  • Our Global Ethics and Compliance Steering Committee includes members of the Executive Committee, including our Chairman and CEO.
  • 20,993 employees completed the Annual Ethics and Compliance Certification in 2020.
  • In 2020, we launched a Global Anti-Bribery / Anti-Corruption training to more than 15,000 employees representing high-risk roles or functions.
  • Throughout the Global Compliance Weeks, specific emphasis was placed on the Integrity Line encouraging its use to raise concerns confidentially, anonymously and without fear of retaliation.
  • We require all of our suppliers to abide by the Supplier Code of Conduct (SCoC).