The Whirlpool Way

For more than 100 years, our enduring values have guided us and reflected our character as a company committed to integrity. Since our founding in 1911, how we conduct ourselves in all we do remains our most important measure of success. In 1912, Whirlpool Corporation (then known as Upton Machine Company) received its first electric wringer washer order and contract with the Federal Electric Division of Commonwealth Edison. This was a major milestone for the fledgling business in more ways than one.

Whirlpool Corporation unknowingly delivered an early order of its washing machines with defective transmission gears. Upon learning of the defect, Whirlpool Corporation replaced the faulty parts at no cost. The show of integrity and commitment to quality so impressed Federal Electric that the customer doubled its order. This simple but extraordinary act, a reflection of our founders’ character, set the bar for the next 100 years and beyond. As our Chairman and CEO says, “We might not be remembered for WHAT we achieved, but we will be remembered for HOW we achieved it. Success without integrity is failure.”

By keeping The Whirlpool Way at the forefront of our actions, our culture of compliance and ethics is strengthened and sustained. Acting with integrity and following The Whirlpool Way helps us earn trust every day. For 100 years and counting, we have earned trust by acting with integrity.




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