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Our Value Chain

As we pursue our mission of improving life at home for consumers through our products, we also have an opportunity to improve how those products are designed, engineered, manufactured, used and treated at their end-of-life. From the design phase through repair and refurbishment, we are committed to delivering the best-quality products available and supporting our consumers throughout the product life cycle. Innovation, design and a focus on performance excellence set the Whirlpool product portfolio apart. Our products are designed to perform as expected by consumers, while at the same time continuously becoming more efficient and better for the environment. Everything we do is built on a foundation of reliability and quality, keeping homes running smoothly so our consumers can spend time on what matters to them.

The Life Cycle of Our KitchenAid Small Appliances

In 2023, we performed a life cycle analysis for our KitchenAid small appliance products, including the stand mixer, blender and food processor. The KitchenAid results demonstrate how we bring our sustainable management practices to life throughout the product life cycle and product value chain.


Product Safety

Leading product safety practices industry-wide through proactive, robust testing and swift response to uncovered issues

Product Quality

Striving for excellence at every level of product performance — durability, craftsmanship, reliability, delivery, installation and service

Circular Economy

Repairing, refurbishing and recycling products to reduce waste and contribute to a circular economy

Local Communities

Helping our communities improve life at home through employee engagement, product donation and signature charities’ programs

Our certified refurbished program for KitchenAid stand mixers aims to have our products perform like new, while avoiding waste and reusing as many high-quality parts as possible.


Innovation and Design for Sustainability

Designing quality products that are good for our consumers and for the planet

Materials Use and Impact

Responsibly sourcing safe and sustainable materials and increasing transparency around the materials used in our products

Responsible Sourcing

Choosing partners that align with Whirlpool values and abide by our high ethical and compliance standards

We are collaborating with our suppliers to launch expanded polystyrene (EPS)-free packaging for select products in the KitchenAid line by 2025.

Our Operations and Employees

Sustainable Operations

Ensuring we manage our water, waste, energy, carbon emissions and impact on biodiversity of our operations

Occupational Health and Safety

Reducing risk in our workplace through proactive engagement with employees and contractors

Inclusion and Diversity

Creating a culture in which all people can thrive, both our employees and the members of communities in which we operate

KitchenAid products are manufactured at our Greenville, Ohio, site, a facility that generates more than 70% of its electricity needs from renewable sources (wind energy) and is a self-certified Gold ZWtL facility.

The site has improved safety key performance and activity indicators, implementing strong countermeasures and significantly improved ergonomics to help keep employees safe and healthy.