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Responsible Sourcing

When use of virgin materials is unavoidable, we follow sourcing standards that promote human rights and the responsible production of materials and components. The conduct of our suppliers translates directly to our ability to deliver high-quality products in a sustainable and responsible manner, and our recently updated Supplier Code of Conduct (SCoC) helps ensure our suppliers are aligned with our values and held to our high standards. Our proactive audit process helps confirm that suppliers use practices that meet our standards. We use screening and risk assessment criteria to prioritize frequency and cadence of audits across our supply base. When issues arise, we can quickly identify them and provide remedial support.

Our compliance program governs responsible sourcing and helps to manage ethical compliance risks posed by third-party providers. To promote alignment with these high standards, we conduct due diligence and auditing activities through our SCoC auditing, Third-Party Due Diligence screening and conflict minerals tracking programs.

We hold ourselves to high standards, and we expect our suppliers and third parties acting on behalf of Whirlpool to do business the right way as well. Our suppliers are key to our success and to maintaining the high standards and reputation of our brands. We require our suppliers not only to be technically qualified, but also to commit to our ethical standards and business practices.”

Alessandro Lombardi
Senior Vice President, Global Strategic Sourcing

Goals and Progress
Responsible Sourcing Goals Key Achievements

Conduct SCoC audits

  • Audit 100% of new components and finished goods suppliers.
  • Audit risk-based prioritized suppliers.
  • Re-audit suppliers on a frequency based on prior audit results.
  • 256 SCoC audits performed

Conduct Third-Party Due Diligence screenings

  • Screen 100% of existing, new and potential suppliers.
  • Review 100% of high-risk due diligence findings and establish action plans for resolution or risk mitigation.
  • 3,138 Supplier Due Diligence screenings completed
  • 100% of existing high-risk suppliers and 100% of new suppliers screened

Critical materials management

  • Conduct annual conflict minerals survey of in-scope suppliers, achieving 75% or greater supplier completion rate.
  • Launch FMD high-priority suppliers.
  • Provide support with the supply base to all existing sustainability programs and emerging regulations cross-functionally.
  • Achieved a final response rate of 76% on annual conflict minerals survey compared to 79% in 2022
  • 2,197 FMD declarations received and analyzed
  • 32,046 RML disclosures received in 2023

Sustainability assessments

  • Engage with strategic suppliers on Sustainability Assessments.
  • Expanded deployment of supplier sustainability assessments with 11.3% increase in supplier participation

Supplier diversity

  • Continue to develop and support global supplier diversity program designed to increase the number and variety of qualified suppliers available to us.
  • Aligned sourcing processes to provide opportunities for minority and diverse business enterprises

Conflict Minerals Management

Each year, we carefully examine our supply base to communicate with vendors that may handle 3TG minerals (tantalum, tin, tungsten, gold), more commonly known as conflict minerals. These metals are critical to many products we use daily. The places where 3TG minerals are commonly mined have historically had significant human rights and environmental concerns associated with them, as well as extraction practices not in alignment with our own standards of safety and ethics. We survey our vendors to learn about their individual practices and better understand their exposure to known areas of concern.

In 2023, we invited 825 suppliers to participate in a survey to provide insights into vendor practices regarding conflict minerals and help ensure alignment with Whirlpool Corporation’s high standards and expectations. We set the ambitious goal of achieving a 75% or greater response rate of Conflict Minerals Response Template declarations from suppliers. With global support from purchasing teams around the world, a final response rate from suppliers of 76% was achieved.

Continued Growth in Responsible Sourcing Assessments

In 2022, we introduced a pilot program for conducting supplier assessments in collaboration with EcoVadis, a survey that helps evaluate suppliers and examine supplier performance across a spectrum of responsible sourcing criteria. In 2023, we have increased the participation by 11.3%, resulting in further risk mitigation and education in the supply base. We are leveraging the EcoVadis assessment to learn more about our suppliers’ environmental, social and ethical business practices, which has helped us identify key collaboration opportunities and deepen connections with suppliers that are aligned with our standards.

In partnership with EcoVadis, Whirlpool is conducting supplier performance evaluations to educate and mitigate risk.

Enhancing Supplier Diversity

Our Supplier Diversity Program, in alignment with Whirlpool Corporation’s company-wide efforts to build an inclusive culture, is fueled by our desire to work with the best and brightest from a variety of backgrounds. We believe that having a wide array of suppliers results in greater ideas, higher-quality products and better representation for our ever-growing and diverse consumer base. As a result, we encourage inclusive procurement practices that widen the pool of potential suppliers, promote competition and improve results. Our sourcing processes have been enhanced to include mechanisms to encourage inclusion of diverse-owned suppliers in business opportunities. We seek out underrepresented groups such as female, minority, LGBTQIA+, disabled and veteran-owned businesses within the U.S., and women-owned businesses globally, to compete for bids.

Learn more about our work with suppliers in the Supplier Code of Conduct and Third-Party Due Diligence.