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As a global company, Whirlpool Corporation has operations in many types of ecosystems around the world, and we are committed to protecting these life-sustaining resources to enable a thriving future for our communities. Our commitment to improving life at home extends to the planet we all share and all who inhabit it.

Preserving and Restoring Ecosystems

Around the world, Whirlpool sites are engaged in projects that help preserve and protect the biodiversity and vitality of ecosystems for future generations.

Preserving Important Biomes in Brazil
Biodiversity Index

We aim to protect and restore biodiversity in the important biomes in which we operate. To measure our progress, we developed and implemented a tool called Biodiversity Index. Using the Index, the sites map local fauna and flora, evaluate the impact of humans on the natural surroundings and define the necessary programs, actions and countermeasures for the protection of local plants and animals.

Protecting Pollinators

In Joinville, Brazil, the WBee Project preserves local species of stingless bees, important pollinators of the local flora. The area is also used to promote environmental awareness campaigns. This year, during Global Environment Week, the site collaborated with the company “Abelha Brasil” (Brazil Bee) and held a workshop for employees to talk about the importance of the bees and how to protect them.

Protecting Wildlife in North America
Monarch Waystation

In November 2022, members of our employee interest group Eco-Conscious in the Home and Office, or ECHO, planted a Monarch Waystation in Benton Harbor, Michigan. Monarch Waystations are registered habitats made from native plants that provide food and a safe refuge for larvae of Monarch butterflies on their migration journeys across North America. ECHO is dedicated to promoting environmental responsibility and driving positive, sustainable change in our workplaces, homes and communities. In 2023, the group built dozens of bee “hotels” for assisting bee populations in pollinating, among other projects. ECHO plans to expand this project to more Whirlpool locations in the Twin Cities of Benton Harbor and St. Joseph, Michigan, and beyond.

Reforestation Actions in Mexico

In the mountains of Coahuila, Mexico, a region that has suffered severe forest fires in recent years, affecting biodiversity, water quality and air quality in the region, over 150 volunteers (mostly Whirlpool employees and family members) planted more than 800 trees during a volunteering campaign. Since 2017, nearly 4,300 trees have been planted in the region.