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2021 Annual Report

Our Operations

Our global manufacturing teams demonstrated our ability to advance in any operating environment as they successfully adapted to “a different world, a different Whirlpool.” This did not come easy, but showcased the remarkable resilience of Whirlpool Corporation’s global operations. Despite constrained supply chains, pandemic-related challenges and supplier disruption, our Integrated Supply Chain executed strategic and organizational agility to plan, source, manufacture, warehouse and deliver our products to our trade customers and consumers.

Our goal is to become the benchmark for global manufacturing excellence, deliver best-in-class manufactured products at competitive cost and create a sustainable advantage for our company. This goal is driven by World Class Manufacturing, a comprehensive methodology for improving productivity and quality, as well as reducing losses in production systems. The implementation of real-time data and analytics, along with artificial intelligence and connectivity among equipment continues to make our manufacturing and distribution network stronger, delivering best-in-class operational excellence.

We know our ability to operate in the future depends on continuing our commitment to produce products with purposeful innovation, without leaving a negative footprint, while helping protect our employees and the communities in which we operate. It is our people who are the strength and backbone of our operations, and we are committed to cultivating our talent to bring out the best in each employee, providing the support and tools to grow, with health and safety remaining our number one priority.