Our Communities

Whirlpool Corporation and Habitat for Humanity International celebrated 20 years together. Supported 45 countries, committed $107 Million, and 8,000 employees donated time.

Whirlpool is committed to maintaining strong, lasting connections in the communities in which we do business. We utilize a global collective impact model that centers around improving life at home. Our giving focuses in the areas of house and home to create thriving communities.

House centers on shelter and security for individuals and families. Efforts include building homes and collaborating with Habitat for Humanity International®, and supporting organizations for veterans such as Homes for Our Troops.

HOME focuses on developing resilient, vibrant communities through education and community development.

400,312 Volunteer hours reported in 2019. 12% increase in hours and 900 more employees from 2018-2019

Whirlpool Global Community Day served 14 countries, 32 nonprofit organizations and 21,000 employee hours.

Programs include:

  • Our work with United Way® to fund hundreds of nonprofit campaigns within our communities that target education, income, health and basic needs. Chairman and CEO Marc Bitzer serves on the United Way® Worldwide Board of Trustees. The Whirlpool Foundation offers a dollar-for-dollar match on employee contributions to these campaigns.

  • Consul brand sponsorship of Instituto Consulado da Mulher supports small business cooperatives to develop employment skills for low-income women.

  • Whirlpool brand’s Care Counts Laundry Program installs washers and dryers in schools, provides access to clean clothes and helps improve attendance: 38,000 students in 82 schools in 18 cities.

  • Whirlpool EMEA Moments Not to be Wasted education program on food waste reached over 1 million in Italy, Poland, and Slovakia.

  • CFO Jim Peters serves on the Habitat for Humanity® International Cost of Home Advocacy Campaign Council.


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