news-vessi-03Just in time for the holidays, the Vessi® Fermentor is now available for a limited time at Best Buy online!

Perfect for the beer enthusiast who has passion for great beer and is looking for a new hobby. The Vessi® Fermentor lets you have all of the fun of “Brew Day” and takes out the pain of the rest of the process.

With traditional home brewing, fermenting involves, at best, four weeks of work lifting, sanitizing, siphoning, conditioning, worrying and waiting AND the process presents risks of contamination, oxidation and sub-optimal temps.

The Vessi® Fermentor lets you go from pitching the yeast to pouring your beer in as little as 7 days*. It’s a single tank that’s sealed, pressurized, and temperature-controlled for the ideal environment to craft great-tasting beer time and time again.

news-how-vessi-worksHOW IT WORKS:


The Vessi® Fermentor stays pressurized the entire time, so what’s inside stays carbonated. There’s no need to bottle condition or force carbonate your beer, and the heating and cooling system helps reach an optimal fermentation and finishing environment faster.


Once the wort is in the tank, there’s no more transferring, siphoning, lifting, etc… Everything you need is in one convenient tank.


The Vessi® Fermentor helps reduce key risks that make good beer go bad by providing a more controlled environment. Precise temperature and pressure control and specialized construction designed to minimize exposure to light and oxygen keep your batch safe.

The Vessi® Fermentor was first launched by WLabs of Whirlpool Corporation in their first ever Indiegogo campaign in May of 2016. It will be available for purchase Best Buy online for a limited time only.

*Based on a light blonde ale beer at 3.3% ABV and use of clarification agent.


Model Number: WFH1000FS00


  • Pouring Tap
  • Integrated Temperature Controls (35° to 80°F)
  • CO2 Regulator with Pressure Controls/Monitor (up to 30 psi)
  • Adjustable Pressure Release Valve
  • 8-Gallon Insulated Cylindroconical Tank (ideal for brewing 5-6 gallons)
  • Patent-Pending Sediment Removal System (SRS)
  • Heavy-Duty Casters
  • Counter Pressure Bottling and Kegging Ports
  • Liquid Injection System
  • 4mm Stainless Steel Lid
  • Modular Work Surface with Integrated Drip Tray

Product Details:

  • Voltage: 115 VAC
  • Frequency: 60 Hz
  • Current: 1.7 Amps
  • Plug into a grounded 3 prong outlet