Customers stand in line to get into the KitchenAid Experience during the Annie Oakley Days sidewalk sales. The line extends down the block and around the corner almost to the end of the city block.

Annie Oakley Days

Annie Oakley Days is a local festival in Greenville, Ohio. The festival consists of Annie Oakley time period reenactments, a sharp shooting contest, flea markets, craft vendors, food vendors, downtown sidewalk sales and a parade. The KitchenAid Experience retail store is situated in the middle of Greenville’s quaint downtown area.

People come from all over the United States to the KitchenAid Experience during Annie Oakley Days. People camp out in their lawn chairs overnight to be one of the first 200 customers in the door to receive a free item. The free items are different each day (Thursday – Sunday). The great prices at the KitchenAid Experience are also different each day; which draws some of the same people to camp out each day.

Annie Oakley Days

Many of the employees from the manufacturing and distribution facilities work at the retail store during this time. The KitchenAid Experience is so busy that even our local United Way Executive Director, Christy Baker, came to help with the KitchenAid Experience Legendary sidewalk sale and guide customers into the check out lines, or help carry out the purchases to customer vehicles. It takes the entire team to make this sale successful.

The KitchenAid Experience is located at 423 South Broadway, Greenville, Ohio 45331. The telephone number is 1-888-886-8318. Their normal store hours are Monday through Saturday from 9:00 am – 6:00 pm.