Comunanza passes its first World Class Manufacturing audit

Whirlpool EMEA started an evolutionary journey to implement World Class Manufacturing in all its sites. In 2018, this involved 12 EMEA factories, 18 audits, and the commitment of more than 2500 people. Activities in 2019 have been continuing at a healthy pace.

The first manufacturing plants to receive an official WCM audit this year were Comunanza and Melano.

On 12 and 13 February, our Comunanza plant received 16 points in the first audit. The Comunanza factory produces front-load washers and washer-dryers, with total production of about 640,000 units.

Francesco Menchetti, Comunanza Site Leader, Whirlpool EMEA: “Comunanza’s WCM journey started just over six months ago and I am very proud of the results achieved in such a short time. I want to thank and congratulate the whole Comunanza team, who have demonstrated spirit of winning and great teamwork while delivering the first audit towards our journey of transformation. This positive outcome embodies our rich heritage and our desire for continuous improvement and I am confident that this milestone will boost our determination to shape our future by becoming a world class factory.”

Melano passes its second World Class Manufacturing audit

On 13, 14 and 15 February, our Melano plant passed their second WCM audit, with a final audit score of 29 points.

The Melano plant is EMEA’s Cooktops manufacturing hub, formed by the integration of products and processes from 5 heritage plants. It is the biggest single built-in products plant in the EMEA region, with an annual capacity of 2.3 million units.

Federico Rosales, Melano Site Leader, Whirlpool EMEA: “This audit represents an important milestone in our WCM journey. The positive feedback shows the team is working with strong focus on the right priorities to deliver our business goals. Our challenge is now to ensure a fast expansion across the factory by engaging every worker in the continuous improvement process. I would like to thank the large team that made this achievement possible and applaud their exceptional ownership and spirit of winning!”

In 2019, the WCM program will involve 100% of Whirlpool EMEA’s factories. During the year, 19 plants located in 12 industrial sites will face the six-monthly reviews by auditors qualified by the WCM association.