This week, the thousands of employees of Whirlpool Corporation’s Global Product Organization are renewing their commitment to DELIVER products and experiences that delight consumers. Here’s how a global team of thousands spread across five continents focuses on one goal.


news-DELIVER2Whirlpool Corporation’s long-standing vision is to deliver the best branded consumer products in every home around the world. And while the vision remains the same, the strategy and tactics must constantly adapt to an increasingly competitive environment and shifting priorities. Having teams located in dozens of cities across five continents align to one common goal can be challenging.

To achieve a crystal-clear focus, the leaders of Whirlpool Corporation’s Global Product Organization, the team responsible for taking ideas and turning them into home appliances, are viewing their challenge through four lenses: Consumers, Employees, Performance, and Global Scale.

For each challenge, teams are sharing common stories about using the best consumer insights, bringing exciting innovations, focusing on career development, and all while making smart decisions to leverage the company’s global footprint.

“Storytelling around our global way of working brings better understanding, clarity, and strategic focus. This week’s renewed commitment to DELIVER is a global, enterprise-wide, and collaborative effort to follow our aspirations and achieve what many think is not possible,” said Dave Szczupak, Executive Vice President of Whirlpool Corporation.

Events are taking place for 24 hours straight around the globe, starting in North America and rolling through Asia, Europe, Africa, and South America. Teams are gathering both in person and virtually to hear consistent messages about global goals, strategy, and how each team’s work connects back to each element.

“We use our global position as a source of strength, diverse thought, and better understanding of our consumers. This global posture helps build bridges for winning solutions and turn regional ideas into global plans delivering the best-branded consumer products in every home around the world,” said Szczupak.