Whirlpool W Collection Washing Machine

Ever wonder why laundry still has to be so time-consuming and complex? There are so many decisions: Do you know the ideal temperature to wash your garments? How much detergent to use? And which setting should you choose? Imagine being able to hand all this to someone else. Now you can – introducing the W Collection Washing Machine, a new generation of washer that transforms the laundry experience. Powered by Whirlpool’s advanced 6TH SENSE technology it offers an effortless superior washing experience that makes the whole process intuitive and tailored to your lifestyle. Part of Whirlpool’s premium W Collection, the advanced new Washing Machine handles everything from setting to unloading with only the minimum of input. It’s a futuristic experience that’s completed by the powerful MySmartDisplay interface, remote control via smart app, and stunning eye-catching design.

“Whirlpool’s premium new W Collection appliances have been created to change the way you live your life. They offer a fusion of leading edge design and the most advanced technology so you can always achieve the best results,” said Mariana Santos Rodrigues, Head of Whirlpool Brand, Whirlpool EMEA. “With the advanced W Collection Washing Machine, this philosophy brings a revolutionary and intuitive way of taking on your daily laundry. Beneath its clean and minimalistic styling is a world of smart technology that works seamlessly to enhance your experience and make it intuitive as never before.”

Whirlpool W Collection Washing MachineThe most intuitive interface
The new W Collection Washing Machine makes setting simple and intuitive, thanks to the gorgeous MySmartDisplay. Invisibly integrated into the stunning surface of the washer’s edge-to-edge door, this advanced user interface easily guides you through the selection of the ideal washing cycle and takes the guesswork out of laundry.

Your cotton garments are very dirty, what’s the ideal temperature to wash them perfectly? How can you perfectly sanitize your garments? Now there’s no more skill needed. To choose the perfect program, you only have to take two steps: Step 1 ‘What to Wash’ asks you to identify the garment type; Step 2 ‘How to Wash’ asks you to choose between rapid, normal, gentle, sanitization or intense modes. And that’s it! MySmartDisplay automatically sets the perfect parameters of time, temperature and intensity according to your choices. For those who want a washing experience completely tailored to their lifestyle, the MySmartDisplay system even lets you easily create customized programs that can be saved as “Favorites” for future use simply by tapping the “heart icon”.

No need to add detergent every time!
Whirlpool’s 6TH SENSE brings together powerful technologies and sensors to make your appliances smarter, more independent and more intuitive. For supreme convenience, the W Collection Washing Machine features a 6TH SENSE PrecisionDose system that even removes the need to always add detergent. Just fill the whole high capacity dispenser and the machine automatically chooses the perfect dose of detergent according to the selected program. Once filled, it can complete up to 50 cyclesi of laundry without a need to add detergent! 6TH SENSE PrecisionDose is composed of two tanks, which can be both filled with detergent, or you can simply choose to fill one with detergent and the other with softener, according to your needs, to ensure maximum flexibility.

Taking care of garments after the cycle ends
6TH SENSE FreshCare system ensures that there is no need to unload the washing machine immediately after a cycle finishes. A tumbling phase will automatically activate after the cycle is over taking care of your garments when you are not there. 6TH SENSE FreshCare reduces the formation of creases on clothes, for easier ironing for up to 6 hours after the end of the washing cycle.

Stay connected with the 6TH SENSE Live App
Now you can take total control of laundry – even remotely. The new W Collection Washing Machine is enhanced with the power of Internet connectivity and can be controlled from anywhere with the 6TH SENSE Live App. For a lifestyle that is increasingly always on and always connected, the powerful Whirlpool app experience perfectly complements the intuitive interface on the appliance and lets you set a wash even when out of the home.

Wash at nights with ZenTechnology
Whirlpool’s 6TH SENSE ZenTechnology takes laundry into a new world of peace and quiet. This advanced system reduces vibrations and lets you even wash at night without worrying about disturbance.

Add garments – even while the cycle is running!
We’ve all realized that we’ve left something out once we start a cycle. But don’t stress – with the 6TH SENSE Garments+ feature you can easily stop the machine to add in garments. At the start of a washing program, a dedicated icon appears on the display to indicate till when it is possible to pause the machine and add more clothes assuring perfect washing results.

A design to impress
Even before you discover its superior technology and user experience, the W Collection Washing Machine immediately stands out as something rather special. With impeccable attention to the tiniest details, it presents minimalistic lines, with the elegant user interface cleverly integrated flush into the door of the appliance. This clean design focuses the eye on the remarkable edge-to-edge door. As well as a visual treat, this wide door offers a brilliant new level of ergonomics that makes loading and unloading truly effortless.