Findlay Water Treatment Plant Freezer Donation from Whirlpool

When they found out that Findlay, Ohio Water Treatment Plant employees were quarantined inside their workplace due to the Coronavirus, Whirlpool Corporation’s Ottawa, Ohio employees felt compelled to help. The factory donated a freezer so the water treatment plant employees could store their food while they maintain the critical water infrastructure for the region.

“The EPA was asking them to put plans in place to shelter at the facility to reduce the possibility of infecting everyone there,” explained Ottawa Plant Lead Kristin Day.  “The operators are certified, so not just anyone can do the work, and the operators were focused on getting all the necessary things in place in order to shelter at the facility.” 

Whirlpool Corporation’s Ottawa plant manufactures freezers, and is only about 20 miles from the company’s Findlay plant that manufactures dishwashers.

“We were happy to make this donation to help one of our fellow Ohio plant communities keep the supply of water flowing for our employees, customers and community members during this difficult time,” said Day.