Liz Door, Whirlpool Corporation

On Nov. 24, 2020, Whirlpool Corporation hosted its first “Virtual” Global Supplier Conference. This annual in-person event was conducted online this year to ensure the safety of suppliers and employees.

Whirlpool virtual event for suppliers on zoom callThis conference brought together the company’s top suppliers from across the globe and Whirlpool Corporation’s Global Strategic Sourcing team. The strategic intent of this event was to ensure that suppliers gain a better understanding of the state of the business in this challenging environment, and to continue to adapt to support consumer needs in the home everyday.

Whirlpool honored its top 23 suppliers with the “COVID-19 Outstanding Supplier Awards”, “Supplier Quality Awards” and “Supplier Innovation Awards,” awarded to those who continue to provide Whirlpool Corporation with their dedicated and unparalleled support needed in this challenging environment.

These have been extraordinarily volatile times. Whirlpool Corporation truly recognizes and appreciates the commitment and support of its suppliers, despite their own challenges. This event was significant to share that appreciation and plan for the road ahead with our supplier community.