Whirlpool-Shunde-20th-Anniversary03On March 30, 2015, Guangdong Whirlpool celebrated its 20th anniversary in China with a festive celebration. Whirlpool Corporation Vice Chairman Mike Todman, Asia North President Enrico Zito, Asia North Corporate Affairs and Business Development VP Ian Lee, Chairman and President of Whirlpool China Jackie Jin and the Asia North leadership team attended the special anniversary event in Shunde.

Guangdong Whirlpool began in 1995 through a joint venture with SMC, a Hong Kong home appliances company. The plant focuses on manufacturing high-end microwave products for Europe & North America.

At the beginning of the celebration, Todman made an inspiring speech to the Shunde Team and unveiled the 20th anniversary plaque.

Whirlpool-Shunde-20th-Anniversary04“This plant produces top-class products and sells to Europe, North America and other countries – that’s why we can stand here to celebrate the 20th anniversary,” Todman said.

The celebration featured a vigorous traditional Chinese lion dance to express wishes of a prosperous future to Guangdong Whirlpool. The Asian North leadership team also planted a podocarpus tree in hope of continuous growth of the plant during the coming decade.

According to Asia North Senior HR Director Yolice Wu, the years of growth could not have happened without the entire Shunde team’s dedication. She said the team’s great passion, devotion, teamwork & winning spirit will contribute to future success.