Hotpoint Booth at Eurocucina 2018
From shopping and storing, cooking and eating, to tidying the dishes and leftovers – our daily relationship with food is an ongoing journey. At EuroCucina, held from April 17-22 2018 in Milan, Hotpoint will present its visionary Food Care Culture, showing innovations and appliances designed to enhance every dimension of our relationship with food: From smarter, connected appliances that make food storage and preparation more enjoyable and convenient, to a real bakery offering delicious fresh food as well as a commitment to take on the global food waste challenge – visitors to the Hotpoint stand can learn how every interaction with food can be made happier, healthier and more sustainable.

Hotpoint will be presenting all new products in its 2019 Built-In Collection, a top of the range suite of kitchen appliances that offers a winning combination of flexible features, proven performance and authentic design. The new oven, microwave oven and compact combi steam oven all feature Internet connectivity to integrate seamlessly into our connected lifestyles as everyday partners on our food journey. EuroCucina visitors will have a first look at the new Hotpoint Home Net App, with demonstrations of how the connected experience brings a greater level of personalization and care to everything from choosing and preparing recipes, to setting the ideal dishwasher cycle, to cleaning up the dirty dishes. The 2019 Built-In Collection also includes a new induction hob, T-shaped hoods and new vertical hoods. A very special addition to the collection is Hotpoint’s range of versatile new steam ovens, which make cooking with steam incredibly accessible for a new world of culinary possibilities.

A Food Care Culture to reduce Food Waste

For most of us, our food journey ends when we tidy up and clean the dishes, but what about all the food that’s left behind? Today, one third of all food produced for human consumption is either lost or wasted, and by 2020 this is predicted to rise to 40%. In Europe alone, 88m tons of food goes to waste every yeari. We can all do more to take on this challenge and at EuroCucina, Hotpoint will announce its new vision of a Food Care Culture, a more considerate approach in our everyday decisions to help reduce food waste. Taking on the problem of food waste involves smarter thinking across a range of issues, including more careful shopping, better food storage and improved refrigeration to stop food spoiling, and even better cooking skills to turn leftovers into delicious meals.

At the Hotpoint stand, visitors can learn more about every one of these vital steps and also discover a range of product features across the Hotpoint range that make keeping and re-using food simpler. These include ovens with a dedicated Frozen Bake feature for cooking food directly from the freezer, or the Dynamic Reheat and Dynamic Defrost cycle on microwaves that automatically determine the best settings and timings to evenly reheat food. Similar functionality is included in the new compact steam oven, which uses steam to gently reheat food. When it’s so easy to cook food from chilled or frozen, there’s no problem dealing with leftovers and less food waste!

2019 Built-In Collection

Hotpoint 2019 Built-In Collection at EuroCucina 2018

At EuroCucina, Hotpoint is showcasing its new 2019 Built-In Collection. With advanced features enhanced by the power of connectivity, they offer brilliantly intuitive interaction and let you fully enjoy creative cookery and take extra care of the things that matter most.

The new induction hob takes convenience to the next level thanks to My Menu, which offers step-by-step assisted cooking via its intuitive touchscreen interface, with useful cooking tips for up to 63 popular cooking combinations. Beneath the elegantly designed minimalist exterior, Hotpoint’s new induction hobs utilize improved coil technology for better pan detection and performance, with sensors that detect the temperature of the food and automatically adjust the power to make the cooking process pleasurably stress free.

Similarly, the new oven also features the elegant, easy to use My Menu interface with automatic cycles to perfect up to 80 different dishes. Simply choose the food category and cooking methods (which includes steaming and slow cooking) and the oven selects the best settings and timings for optimal results – ensured by the brilliantly consistent performance of the oven’s new Active MultiFlow ventilation system. For those wishing to take extra care of their loved ones, the new ovens let you tailor how you cook so you can prepare recipes the way they love best: Personalize the cooking experience by selecting preferred options such as extra browning, rising or defrosting.

Cooking becomes even more personal with the new Home Net App. This allows users to enjoy an enriched cooking experience where they can not only control and monitor their oven remotely, but also have access to scores of dedicated recipes. Users can even create their own favorite recipes and save them to the app. Home Net also provides helpful tips on how best to use products to achieve desired results.

Hotpoint’s new 2019 microwave ovens combine breakthrough convenience with a wide range of features to enable amazing creative possibilities with all the speed and convenience of microwave cooking. As well as offering stylish designs that beautifully align and coordinate with the built-in ovens, the new microwave ovens also feature the My Menu interface to provide a common user experience. On this appliance, My Menu lets users choose their preferred cooking method (baked, roasted, grilled, steamed, fried), allowing for up to 120 cooking combinations. For those seeking healthy and delicious meals, the Microwave Oven features Dynamic Crisp Fry, which combines its crisp function with forced air convection to provide the taste and texture of deep-frying with little or no oil. It also provides a Dynamic Steam feature to cook ingredients while retaining all their nutritional quality. Hotpoint microwave ovens also provide additional great benefits through the Home Net App.

Hotpoint is presenting an all-new steam oven range that offers the perfect solution for those keen to take full advantage of the benefits of steaming food. This versatile range of appliances provides three different systems to enable steam cooking – Gentle Steam, Active Steam and the premium Total Steam solution.

Ideal for cooking bread, or meat and fish dishes, steam ovens with Gentle Steam offer a way to improve the results by adding humidity to conventional oven cooking by adding water into a dedicated space at the base of the cavity. Moisture inside food is preserved, even while it stays deliciously crispy on the outside.

Available on Core+ steam ovens, the Active Steam system offers an even wider range of control when cooking with both the traditional heating element and with steam. These ovens have a dedicated drawer on the front of the oven to add steam, and also allow for cooking at three different levels of humidity. The top of the range Premium steam ovens feature Total Steam, a solution that offers all the advantages and control of the Active Steam ovens and also lets you use your oven just like a traditional steamer, cooking with pure and superheated steam at temperatures of 100°C or less.

Hotpoint will also launch a new 45cm compact combi steam oven, which is ideal for cooking using not just the steam function, but also two other modes: the fan guarantees excellent golden brown results, while the combi fan + steam function delivers crispy and soft food in less time – the perfect combination especially for roasts, ready-made frozen food and desserts. The compact combi steam oven combines traditional cooking and steaming to let you discover the authentic flavor of food.

At EuroCucina, Hotpoint will also be showcasing a range of built-in cooker hoods that further demonstrate its commitment to smarter design inside and out: Hotpoint is introducing its new vertical hoods and will be showing its range of T-shaped hoods. All options have been designed to offer an incredibly intuitive user experience and anticipate and adapt to changing needs, for example through an Odour Sensor system that automatically sets aspiration power according to the level of steam and odour.

Active Quattro Fridge Freezer

Hotpoint Active Quattro at Eurocucina 2018

In its cooling range, Hotpoint will be launching the Active Quattro – a new French Door fridge freezer. Active Quattro packs in high tech preservation features and flexible storage solutions into a beautiful 90cm wide appliance that keeps food perfectly preserved and organized.

It boasts an extra-large 591L capacity to help meet the needs of busy households. And as those needs change, the incredibly flexible Multi Temperature Compartment adapts accordingly and lets you choose between three different freezer temperatures – from short term storage, to deliciously soft scoop-able ice cream, to colder, conventional freezing.

The Active Quattro uses Hotpoint’s latest technology to ensure that food is kept in optimal conditions, which is key to reducing avoidable food waste. In the fridge, the Multipower Inverter Compressor rapidly corrects temperature within the fridge to prevent thermal shocks. In the freezer, Freeze Care technology reduces the risk of freezer burns, so frozen food retains its quality, taste and texture for longer. The Active Quattro also features an Active Defrost system that activates automatically only when needed, helping you use less energy and protect the environment too.

70CM Built-In Fridge Freezer

Hotpoint 70cm built-in fridge freezer at Eurocucina 2018

Hotpoint’s new 70cm built-in fridge freezer is a compact solution that helps you care for, store and organize your family’s food more sustainably. Boasting an impressive 400lt. capacity, it has been designed to easily fit into a 75cm wide recess and thus seamlessly blend into modern kitchens while offering up to 40% more spaceii.

Hotpoint’s most advanced technologies ensure optimal storage and freezing conditions to keep foods fresher and healthier for longer: Active Oxygen 2.0 works to proactively reduce odours and bacteria, improving the air quality for a better environment to preserve food. The special Food Care Zone stores delicate food such as meat or fish at around 0°C, while the Super Freeze feature helps you rapidly freeze food to preserve all its nutritional properties.

Apart from the benefits you can see and feel, the fridge freezer also features a Fresh Crisper with Hygiene Grid treated with Microban SilverShield® technology that reduces bacteria proliferation on the grid surface by 99.9% for longer lasting fruits and vegetablesiii. Everyday convenience is also assured by Low Frost Technology and a low energy rating.

Hotpoint 45CM Dishwasher

Hotpoint 45cm dishwasher

Rounding out the portfolio of new product launches at EuroCucina, Hotpoint’s 45cm slim dishwasher provides a brilliant solution for smaller kitchens. It offers exceptional performance in a compact appliance thanks to Hotpoint’s powerful, highly efficient 3D ZoneWash technology. The system uses independent water jets to ensure that even the most soiled dishes can be perfectly cleaned without the need to pre-wash dishes by hand. Even with its compact dimensions on the outside, the new dishwasher has a smart FlexiLoad Evo system that makes it easy to load and maximizes its capacity to offer surprising space on the inside.

Visit Hotpoint At EuroCucina 2018

To learn more about the Food Care Culture and for hands on demonstrations of new products and innovations, visit Hotpoint at the Whirlpool Corporation stand at EuroCucina (A11-A15-B14-B18).

For further information please visit Whirlpool Corporation at Eurocucina 2018.