New appliances to prepare tasty food with high nutritional values
Hotpoint GoHealthy!

Why should you choose between taste and well-being, when you could have both? Everything that tastes good is bad for you, so the saying goes… Not anymore!

On Wednesday, November 15th, Hotpoint will launch the new Go Healthy small appliances range during a special event held in the “Bianchi Florist”, in Via Montebello 7 in Milan.

The “Feel the taste of Wellness” day will be the occasion to discover more on the healthy and natural cuisine made with the new line of small GoHealthy appliances.

With GOHEALTHY! – the new line of cooking appliances from Hotpoint – TASTE and WELL-BEING go hand in hand, perfect for those who want to eat tasty food with higher nutritional values. GOHEALTHY! range is designed to better protect & preserve all the vitamins & proteins while enhancing the taste of food for a real healthy, delicious and nutritious experience.

GoHealthy! range combines distinctive design features, performance and technology to deliver tastier, healthier and more creative dishes to your table.

Easy Chef Sous Vide

Hotpoint - Easy Chef Sous Vide
The all-in-1 kit: precision cooker, vacuum sealer with cooking bags and a recipe book, makes Sous Vide cooking technique easy in the comfort of your own home. The Sous Vide technique is used by chefs all over the world, as it allows to сook food at the perfect temperature and time, maintaining all the nutrient properties of food at the same time. The precision cooker precisely controls the temperature & time so the food is never underdone or overdone. With the vacuum sealer you cook & preserve your food fresher for longer. Achieve star-rated quality results, just like top chefs.

Light Grill

Hotpoint - Light Grill

With this innovative grill, you can prepare tasty & healthy grilled food at home. The exclusive system reduces up to 3 times more oil and fat from food vs pan grilling. The fat drops down and is collected in a separate tray. With its 4 powerful heating elements, grilling occours on both sides of the food at the same time, for a faster and flawless final result.

Slow Juicer

Hotpoint - Slow Juicer

Prepare & enjoy healthier juices to boost your vitamin and nutrient intake. The cold press technology keeps all the nutrients and vitamins intact, producing up to 35% more juice compared to a traditional juicer, not to mention less waste. Hotpoint GOHEALTHY! has a full range of models in different designs and colours, to suit your preferences. With the super compact Slow Juicer Pro, you will also be able to prepare delicious sorbets.

Creative Blender with Spiralizer

Hotpoint - Creative Blender with Spiralizer 01

The new Creative hand Blender with Spiralizer has the biggest range of accessories in the market with which to free your imagination in the kitchen. The hand blender allows you to blend, whisk, chop, slice and shred. With the exclusive 4-mode Spiralizer, you can now make vegetable & fruit noodles, ribbons, strips and slices to experiment with shapes and colours, freeing your creativity.