#DoItTogether: an integrated campaign on household roles is live across the UK, Italy, Russia & France

#DoItTogether: an integrated campaign on household roles is live across the UK, Italy, Russia & France.

It’s called #DoItTogether, the ambitious campaign aimed at raising the debate around the distribution of household chores.

Mid 2017, Indesit will be undertaking an innovative digitally & PR led marketing campaign in the UK, Russia, Italy & France: #DoItTogether. This ambitious campaign will infuse our brand with a new energy, boosting our presence online and in store, while placing Indesit at the heart of a vital public debate related to gender equality.

Although as a society we have made great progress towards gender equality, today household chores are still an area where we can all do so much more to improve. According to OECD research British women do 66% of the housework, 64,5% of housework is still done by Russian women, in Italy 80% of the housework is done by women and in France 73%.

Indesit has always been closely aligned to the lives and needs of nowadays families, and we are drawing on this insight to help spark a positive public debate on a major social challenge – the unequal distribution of housework between the partners.

Through an authentic and insightful campaign, interactive social media experiments and pioneer content we’ll be propelling the Indesit brand firmly into the minds of our consumers – taking a strong, socially responsible leadership role, while celebrating the very best in family life. This is a project that we can all get excited about, and we’re inviting all of you to discover and share this special message.

The campaign kicked off at the end of April with a powerful and thought-provoking video, #DoItTogether, a serious reflection about gender equality.

More exciting content is out there to be discovered, simply visit the brand’s social channels such as Facebook and YouTube. Our ultimate goal is to encourage each member of the family to be an active part of the home life by relying on a partner reliable, practical and user friendly, such as Indesit.