Showcasing our industrial sites in EMEA through interactive storytelling on our people and the places that matter.
PlacesthatMatter, Whirlpool Emea's photojournalism project

Starting this month, Whirlpool EMEA is kicking-off with a brand new photojournalism initiative called #PlacesThatMatter, aimed at portraying our industrial sites in the EMEA region through the eyes and the stories of our workers and of the local communities we operate in.
We consider the places where we are not only as workplaces, but as an expression of the local communities: they bring together life projects and tell the stories of those who, by working every day with passion and dedication, contribute to the development of the whole company.

#PlacesthatMatter comes from these premises and from Whirlpool EMEA’s desire to portray every manufacturing reality within its own local context. A photography exhibition, which is indeed a tour of our industrial plants, from Europe to the Middle East and to South Africa.

The campaign will be launched on November 13 on Whirlpool EMEA corporate social media accounts and will continue all through 2017 and 2018 with the goal to showcase and reveal every moment that counts in the daily lives of our factories. The campaign will focus on three areas: people, plants and communities. Videos, photos, stories of the people who contribute every day to their own personal and professional development and to Whirlpool’s success are just one of the materials that will be shared on corporate Facebook, Instagram, Medium, YouTube and Linkedin profiles.

“To present the company’s business by focusing on the communities and the places where our products come to life. Such is the concept of Whirlpool Emea’s photojournalism project: #PlacesThatMatter,” commented Luca Marini, Corporate Reputation Manager EMEA at Whirlpool Corporation.

Spreading the word about the campaign matters. Make sure to follow our social handles and join the conversation by sharing places that matter to you using the hashtag #PlacesThatMatter.

#PlacesThatMatter is a Whirlpool EMEA project by Mario Peliti, Alessandro Imbriaco and Laura Leonelli.