JennAir® Wins Over Modernism Week 1

JennAir® wins over design community and expands its elite network through brand’s exclusive opening weekend events at Modernism Week

Progress Never Stops for JennAir®. Modernism Week attendees witnessed this in action as the brand kicked off opening weekend with exclusive events and iconic home transformations, all spotlighting the JennAir’s brand’s commitment to creating a new vision of luxury.

Over the course of the weekend, mid-century came to meet this century. Highlights include:

JennAir® Wins Over Modernism Week 2
JennAir® Wins Over Modernism Week 3

Progresssive Dinner

The weekend kicked off with a roving dinner party for nearly 20 VIP design guests and media. Over the course of the night, attendees experienced three homes transformed with JennAir® products — Alexander Estate, Gillman Residence and Dinah Shore — and heard from JennAir brand and design leadership, including Jon Hall, Dan Clements and Rebecca Goesling. At each stop, guests enjoyed food and drink — with a menu inspired by modern takes on mid-century classics — and conversation with the brand and industry colleagues alike. Guests were transported from stop to stop in new Audi e-Trons.

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Make A Statement

Progressive Dinner guests joined 400+ attendees from the JennAir brand’s inner circle for an exclusive opening weekend party, Make A Statement, at the Ware Estate. JennAir® took over the expansive outdoor oasis with prominent rebel J’s, boundary-breaking entertainment from electric violinists to fire dancers, and inventive food and drink. The JennAir® statement pieces Burlesque, Cuts and Smoke and Brass were artfully displayed throughout the party — the only destination to see them in Palm Springs.

JennAir® Wins Over Modernism Week 5

Home Tours

Modernism Week attendees also had the chance to see JennAir® products in the wild through kitchens at show homes Gillman Residence, Mesa Modern and Miles Bates “Wave” house. In partnership with the homes’ owners and designers, JennAir® transformed iconic mid-century homes to a new state of modern luxury.

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Modernism Week attendees also had the chance to experience RISE™ and NOIR™ design expressions side by side in the JennAir brand’s kitchen at the Modernism Week Community Area and Meeting Place (CAMP). Traffic was high throughout the opening weekend, as guests engaged with JennAir market managers and brand representatives and noted their excitement to see the brand’s two distinct design offerings. Whirlpool Corporation’s own Chef Anne turned up the heat through daily cooking demos.