OneStepStories-SamHA miracle cured my smoking habit. I never thought anything would stop me.

The reality of my life was that I was smoking a pack and a half a day. I smoked anytime I was driving, right when I got up in the morning, when I ate. I would smoke in my house while watching tv. I would smoke anytime I would want do, didn’t care who I was around, my kids, my grandkids, my wife.

A few years ago, after hearing how my brother quit and with Whirlpool wanting me to quit, I finally went to talk to the health coach. I’m not going to lie, I originally went just to get the tobacco discount. I also realized that I was getting older and it was affecting my health more and more.

The next thing I did was to try acupuncture, but I told myself I needed to give it a chance to work. Day by day I surprised myself. I threw away my cigarettes that were in my pocket. I still have urges but I feel like there is nothing I can’t handle now. Before I would have smoked. Now I feel like I have the ability to fight the urges and say no. Before I never even wanted to say no. Now I do.

I have noticed my breathing and swallowing have improved. I don’t have the heaviness in my chest. I know I have done damage over the years which gives me more incentive now to not smoke. I have improved mentally. I will never go back. I don’t want to live that life again.

My biggest supporters have been my health coach, my wife, and my grandkids. My health coach talked me through the process, I knew I could go to my health coach whenever I needed to which was comforting. I felt like it was so impossible to do. I just can’t believe I was able to quit. Now that I have, I will never go back because I am terrified of the harm I was doing to myself. I feel like I have a chance to improve my life for myself, my wife, my grandkids. I have hope that I will now live longer. I want to tell other people. I want to inspire others to have hope. Next I want to just focus on living. It feels refreshing and like I am clean living. I have now quit smoking and drinking. It is refreshing to live not being dragged down by something.  I would say to others, give anything a try. Have faith in yourself.

Sam Haughn, Marion, OH

March 21, 2016