Whirlpool W Collection Suite W11

Whirlpool’s W Collection is a premium suite of flagship appliances inspired by the way we live today. W Collection appliances bring together Whirlpool’s leading edge design and the most advanced technology for effortless high performance. With advanced 6TH SENSE technology and Internet connectivity, these appliances offer a smart, highly-intuitive user experience that harmonizes seamlessly with the connected homes of today and the future.

Based on Whirlpool’s global design philosophy, the W Collection range – featuring the built-in oven, microwave oven, compact steam oven, speed oven, coffee machine, sous-vide drawer, cooktops and hoods, as well as a washing machine, dishwasher and both large-capacity and 60cm fridge freezers – forges an iconic visual identity, with the entire product suite created around a coherent set of design principles and exacting standards. Visually, they offer a pure appearance with minimalistic, contemporary aesthetics that can seamlessly integrate into modern kitchen designs for a more elegant and curated appearance. Use of premium materials helps to beautifully bring together visual and tactile elements to appeal equally to the eye as to the hand. Along with advanced user interfaces, this helps to make every interaction more intuitive and satisfying.

Enjoy a smarter, connected experience
Every W Collection appliance is powered by advanced technology that senses and anticipates user needs to ensure brilliant performance. At the heart of this is Whirlpool’s advanced 6TH SENSE technology, intelligent systems powered by sensors that let appliances optimize their performance for improved results and to reduce the effort needed to complete everyday tasks. For example, several products offer assisted programs that help to fully remove the burden of selecting the best settings or features to use. Whether it’s the oven that provides step-by-step guidance through a recipe and sets the right timings and temperatures, or the washing machine that automatically senses the nature of the load, selects the best program and adds the right amount of detergent, 6TH SENSE makes daily life effortless.

Elsewhere, intuitive and practical connected user experiences via Whirlpool’s pioneering 6TH SENSE Live app seamlessly bring the world of household tasks into the digital realm – including through integration with smart assistants, such as Google Assistant. As well as enhancing user interaction through advantages like remote control, the latest products in Whirlpool’s premium W Collection also utilize WiFi connectivity to interact with each other and simplify everyday tasks. For example, the connected hoods can automatically start to filter the air at the correct amount when the induction hob is used, or during the oven’s pyrolytic cleaning cycle. Similarly, lighting on the hood can be set to provide notifications from other appliances, such as alerting users when a dishwasher cycle has ended or when a delicious meal is ready.

W Collection Built-In Ovens

W Collection built-in ovens provide a compelling combination of elegance, flexibility and ease of use. They offer exceptionally intuitive control and a supremely simple guided cooking experience via the 4.5” TFT MySmartDisplay, which learns your preferences and helps make cooking easier for great results every time. Connectivity via Whirlpool’s 6TH SENSE Live app lets you select recipes and control and monitor cooking progress from your smartphone or tablet. The oven range also provides advanced features such as a MultiSense probe for sophisticated monitoring of cooking, or the opportunity to expand culinary horizons with SteamSense+ technology that enables cooking with 100% steam.

W Collection Built-In Microwaves

Designed with coordinating designs to match the W Collection built-in ovens, the W Collection microwave range also features the ultra intuitive MySmartDisplay interface and WiFi connectivity to enable advanced cooking with unprecedented simplicity – including Lifestyle Clusters such as ‘Vegetarian’ or for special occasions ‘Party’ or ‘BBQ King’. Features like Crisp and CrispFry allow for baking or frying with no additional oil, while the ForcedAir fan system offers conventional oven-like results.

W Collection Built-In Cooktops
The stylish W Collection induction and gas cooktops offer ease of use and performance through innovative technology. The W Collection induction cooktop features WiFi connectivity and the 4.5” TFT MySmartDisplay on top of assisted cooking with SmartSense, which uses advanced sensors to precisely monitor and control the cooking process, making cooking perfection effortless to achieve. The gas cooktop also offers an enhanced cooking experience with more precision and versatility thanks to the efficient PreciseFlame system and the FlexiFlame 5kW double burner.

W Collection Built-In Hoods

Whirlpool’s T-shaped and vertical built-in hoods offer pure air and crystal clear light to add a touch of elegance to the kitchen, as well as offering a unique form of communication and interaction with other connected appliances. WiFi integration with other W Collection appliances enables innovative and practical communication: The CookSense system can communicate with a cooktop or oven to recognize its cooking mode and automatically tailor aspiration power. The hoods also work to enhance the atmosphere and style of your home, with an AirSense feature that automatically detects air quality and purifies the air of odors and particles and LightSense, which provides flexible illumination depending on the time of day or according to your mood.

W Collection Washing Machine
Powered by 6TH SENSE technology, this next generation appliance makes the whole laundry process intuitive and effortless. A stunning MySmartDisplay interface is integrated in the large edge-to-edge door that makes operation incredibly simple and intuitive, with the machine automatically setting the perfect washing parameters for each load. Even dosing is taken care of by a PrecisionDose system that can handle over 50 cycles before refilling with detergent. With the incredible flexibility of WiFi remote control via smart app, ultra quiet operation, and stunning eye-catching design it offers a truly new way of caring for garments.

W Collection Supreme Clean Dishwashers
The W Collection’s premium range of freestanding and built-in dishwashers delivers brilliant performance without effort, thanks to ultra intuitive touch interfaces, 6TH SENSE Live app, and 6TH SENSE technology that senses soiling and automatically ensures optimal cleaning via the precise PowerClean Pro system. Even loading and unloading is made stress free with brighter LED lighting and a Glass Protect system that cares for your most delicate items.

W Collection Fridge Freezer
The W Collection No Frost fridge freezers epitomize the W Collection’s fusion of striking contemporary design and advanced performance. Thanks to Whirlpool’s advanced Cooling System and 6TH SENSE technology, this new range of 60cm freestanding fridge freezers can keep fruit and vegetables fresh for up to 15 days – retaining all their market-fresh goodness for far longer. Additionally, the premium Dual No Frost models in the range provide independent control of humidity for the fridge and freezer, making it possible to place fresh fruit and vegetables anywhere in the fridge for incredible everyday convenience. With exceptional performance comes exceptional style; the W Collection fridge freezers impress through their premium design, with a distinctive vertical black glass touch interface set into the door for a truly iconic look.

W Collection 4 Doors Fridge Freezer
The W Collection 4 Doors is a large capacity, stand-alone fridge freezer that combines leading-edge product design with advanced performance, excelling through superior exterior and interior craftsmanship. As with all W Collection appliances, it uses intelligent 6TH SENSE technology to help monitor and automatically optimize its performance, in this case by extending the life and quality of stored food through precise temperature control. Its freezer also offers a versatile ‘FlexiFreeze’ compartment that provides a choice of three temperatures for storing different food types. In addition to the W Collection 4 Doors fridge freezer’s noteworthy aesthetics, it offers extensive capacity with compact design at a width of only 69 cm. Moreover, its Zen Technology, powered by the Silent Inverter Compressor motor, also reduces noise to only 37 dBA to ensure a soothing home ambience.