Esther Berrozpe Galindo, Whirlpool EMEA President, and Silvio Aimetti, the mayor of Comerio, signing the Letter of Intent

Esther Berrozpe Galindo, Whirlpool EMEA President, and Silvio Aimetti, the mayor of Comerio, signing the Letter of Intent

Whirlpool Corporation and Comerio’s town council signed a letter of intent today to convert and boost the value of the 21,500 m2 site of the Company’s regional former headquarters. The document, which confirms fruitful relations between Whirlpool Corporation and the municipality, was signed by Esther Berrozpe Galindo (President, Whirlpool EMEA, and Executive Vice-President, Whirlpool Corporation) and the mayor of Comerio, Silvio Aimetti.

The agreement provides for continuation of efforts to redevelop the Corporation’s property in Comerio to support economic growth in the territory and safeguard the interests of local communities. The Working Committee that has been meeting over the previous months in fact carried out a critical analysis of the area’s strengths and weaknesses to identify those uses that would do most to boost the value of the site, such as workplaces (offices, workshops, co-working), healthcare facilities (nursing homes, rehab clinics), leisure and entertainment services and residential structures.

The conversion of the area, as contemplated in the letter of intent, will attract “businesses that create jobs and quality services for people, inspired by a solid but not rigid principle of sustainability in its three main dimensions: environmental and contextual, economic and individual, with a special focus on accessibility for everyone and integration”.

“I’m happy to be here, 8 months after our first meeting, to renew the agreement between Whirlpool and Comerio’s town council to work fruitfully together,” said Whirlpool EMEA President Esther Berrozpe Galindo. “Today’s meeting is an endorsement of our joint commitment to plan a future that fully respects the vocation of this community and this territory. One of the founding values of our corporation is sensibility towards the local communities where we operate, and we intend to continue honouring this approach of ours.”

The Mayor of Comerio, Silvio Aimetti, commented: “I’m very satisfied for the innovative approach developed in these months, this was possible thanks to the active support of the best energies in the territory. With the sign on the letter of intent will begin a new era for Comerio, and in the next months will start the definitive conceptualisation of the future state for the reconversion of this very important site for our community. Work, sport, health, wellness and residence needs will find a modern synthesis, balanced and innovative”.