news_CES_2015_logoThe International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), January 6 – 9, is the world’s largest stage for ground-breaking consumer technologies.

Whirlpool brand’s revolutionary, next-generation innovations will shine like never before in this sea of glossy technology. And, unlike the positioning of any other appliance brand at the show, Whirlpool brand will also be hitting home on what makes it so unique – the brand’s commitment to bring to life technology with a true human touch.

From CES traveler care kiosks at Midway airport, to simple care reminders that inspire social interactions, the brand has a laser focus on its mission to prove every chore is an act of love.

The Whirlpool brand experience at CES is a stand-out, visually showcasing with warmth and care-driven interactive experiences that the best technology should make us more human. Everything Whirlpool brand is participating in over the course of four days – media events, interviews, out-of-booth art installations, speaking engagements and more – is grounded in showcasing the impact small moments of care have on shaping the people we love and the world we live in.

In an open-home booth design, attendees will experience three distinct home environments featuring more than a dozen innovative in-market products and stunning future concepts in kitchen and laundry from the Global Consumer Design group.

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