Whirlpool Celebrates Human Connections at Fuorisalone 2019 in MilanAt Fuorisalone 2019, Milan’s world-famous celebration of design, held during the city’s prestigious Salone Internazionale del Mobile from April 8-14, Whirlpool will showcase the power of innovative design to build meaningful human connections in the digital age. As technology reshapes our world, the leading appliance brand is presenting a vision of human-centric design where technology senses our needs, saves our time and helps us enjoy more rewarding lives. This concept is sensationally brought to life through the brand’s interactive art installation – designed by Ico Migliore with M+S lab – at the ‘Human Spaces’ exhibition, presented by leading design magazine, INTERNI. As part of its presence at Fuorisalone, Whirlpool will be hosting an engaging discussion with industry thought leaders to explore how technology and design can contribute to enhancing and supporting the connections that truly matter in our lives. Whirlpool will also provide its guests the opportunity to experience its exquisite, W Collection suite of premium appliances through a special cooking demonstration event. Additionally, the W Collection will be featured in a product showcase at the newly-renovated Milan flagship showroom of Cosentino.

During Fuorisalone 2019, Whirlpool will be partnering with the iconic Italian interior and contemporary design magazine, INTERNI, for the very first time. Whirlpool will be co-producing INTERNI’s ‘Human Spaces’ event, and a special Whirlpool installation will be featured as part of this distinguished showcase of design. As the pioneering force behind Fuorisalone and a leader in the world of design, INTERNI’s flagship event, which will take place at the University of Milan between April 8-19, is anticipated to attract over 200,000 visitors and designers over the course of the week.

“Today, design plays an increasingly important role within our homes and kitchens, which have become social and shared spaces that we use to express our personalities and empower our lifestyles,” said Neil Tunstall, Vice President Products of Whirlpool EMEA. “As the technology that surrounds us grows ever more intelligent, Whirlpool – a pioneer in advanced connected appliances – is innovating to ensure that our human experience continues to define this new world. At Fuorisalone, we are excited to bring this vision to life, especially through an inspirational installation that explores and embodies these concepts. As a co-producer of INTERNI’s distinguished ‘Human Spaces’ exhibition, we aim to show how the Whirlpool brand is helping to create homes that are more sensitive to the human experience through our 6TH SENSE technology. The installation and the product showcase reveal how better technology can liberate us to focus on the human connections that truly matter.”

For the Human Spaces event, Whirlpool will immerse its visitors in a unique sensory experience, celebrating the power of meaningful human connections. With a striking new installation created by Ico Migliore with M+S lab called, “The Perfect Time”, the experience explores the concepts of time, space and connection, where space is interpreted as an intelligent, permeable organism that visitors can pass through, discovering how changes in perception are altered by place and time. The installation reveals how the human-centric product design behind the premium appliance manufacturer’s W Collection range can help shape our experiences and bring us closer together, and shows how Whirlpool is helping to create homes that are more sensitive to the human experience through its 6TH SENSE technology. “The Perfect Time” will be on display in the courtyard of the University of Milan from April 8-19.

Experience the exquisitely designed W Collection range at Fuorisalone
Fuorisalone is one of the most exciting environments to discover some of the world’s best design. At Milan Design Week, Whirlpool will be partnering with Cosentino to provide an opportunity for visitors to experience the brand’s premium W Collection appliances at its Milan showroom, ‘Cosentino City Milan’, located in Piazza Fontana. Cosentino is a leading manufacturer of innovative and technologically advanced surfaces for the world of design and architecture, including Silestone®, Dekton® and Sensa by Cosentino®. Like Whirlpool, Cosentino shares a desire to create innovative products that reflect the importance of bringing high-quality and remarkable materials into everyday environments such as homes and kitchens – a fact demonstrated beautifully by bringing both brands’ products together at Fuorisalone.

Whirlpool Talk Show
On April 8, Whirlpool will be hosting an exclusive “talk show”-style panel discussion that will explore how technology and design can help to foster human connections and contribute to enhancing and supporting the connections that truly matter in our lives. The event will take place at the Cosentino City Milan showroom in Piazza Fontana, 6, Milan. To reserve your spot, please RSVP by April 4.

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