news-ClevelandTN-0217-2(Cleveland, Tenn.) – Whirlpool Corporation, with its rich history of excellence in global manufacturing, powerful commitment to diversity, inclusion and innovation is recognized for its continued commitment to student success.

In January Whirlpool Corp. in Cleveland, Tennessee, partnered with local leaders and Bradley County educators to help outstanding students work to achieve careers through hands-on experiences outside the classroom.

A group of students at Walker Valley High School is taking part in an elite technical career field program at Cleveland’s Whirlpool plant under the watchful eye of Jake Niewold.

Niewold recently accepted an Honorary Membership in the National Technical Honor Society on behalf of the Explorer Post for the Cleveland Whirlpool site.

From the study of robotics inside the plant to assembly and production, these students are learning what it takes to cultivate personal excellence in a highly competitive workforce.