Hardhat at Whirlpool Corp Habitat build

Lower-income families are disproportionately affected by severe weather events and rising energy costs 

Forecasters at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) are predicting a seventh consecutive above-average hurricane season with up to 21 named storms this year. With inflation also at a 30-year high, more low-income families will be burdened with higher energy and repair costs.

Whirlpool Corp. and long-time collaborator Habitat for Humanity are committed to reducing this burden and have expanded their 22-year and over $120 million relationship through the BuildBetter with Whirlpool initiative to provide more families with safe and affordable housing by building climate-resilient and energy-efficient homes. These new homes will be built with innovative construction methods and are further equipped with energy-efficient Whirlpool Corp. appliances so families are better protected from extreme weather events and can gain additional financial security through energy cost savings.

The vitality of our communities and improving the quality of life at home are what drive us to continually innovate.”

A recent study by Whirlpool Corp. and Habitat for Humanity found that their joint efforts accounted for an average reduction of 20 percent in annual household energy costs attributable to appliance use. Whirlpool Corp.’s donated appliances have also contributed to energy savings equivalent to taking 33,000 passenger cars off the road. These figures are significant because in some areas of the country, energy costs can be as high as 37 percent of a homeowners’ total burden.

This is all part of Whirlpool Corp.’s global corporate responsibility approach called House+Home, which contributes to comfortable and nurturing places to live and supports resilient, thriving, and sustainable communities.

“The vitality of our communities and improving the quality of life at home are what drive us to continually innovate,” shared Pam Klyn, sr. VP of corporate relations and sustainability at Whirlpool Corp.. “We are thrilled to support Habitat for Humanity in this work and respond to the growing need for affordable, climate-resilient housing that helps protect our planet, and passes on energy reduction cost savings to homeowners who need it most.”

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