Whirlpool Corporation employees participating in a meeting. Young woman professional is smiling, leading the meeting. Announcement card reads Whirlpool Corp logo, A leader in an inclusive workplace. 2022 Seramount Inclusion Index

Seramount unveiled its sixth annual Inclusion Index on Nov. 1, announcing that Whirlpool Corp. has made the list as an inclusive workplace. The Inclusion Index helps organizations understand trends and opportunities in demographic representation, creates a road map to drive internal change, and identifies diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) solutions to close any gaps. Organizations provided data and were measured in three key areas: best practices in the recruitment, retention, and advancement of people from underrepresented groups—women, racial/ethnic minorities, people with disabilities, and LGBTQ+ people; inclusive corporate culture, including leadership accountability; and demographic diversity for women and racial/ethnic minorities.

We know that we can only succeed with a culture where everyone feels welcomed, heard, respected and valued, and where the diversity of our workforce represents that of our consumers.

“Inclusion and Diversity is one of Whirlpool’s enduring values and a critical priority for us,” said Chief Human Resources Officer Carey Martin. “We know that we can only succeed with a culture where everyone feels welcomed, heard, respected and valued, and where the diversity of our workforce represents that of our consumers. We’re especially proud of our continued commitment to our Racial Equality pledge, our active Employee Resource Groups, and our dedication to hiring, developing and promoting diverse talent. This recognition reinforces our commitments to continually strive for a more a diverse workforce, inclusive workplace and vibrant marketplace.”
Whirlpool Corp. was among the 36 organizations recognized as a Leading Inclusion Index Company, receiving a 70 percent or higher score. This year, 175 organizations applied to participate in the Seramount Inclusion Index.

“We are pleased to see corporations continue to focus on their DEI efforts’ effectiveness by evaluating their accountability measures through precise metrics that pinpoint any challenges and create opportunities for next steps,” says Katie Oertli Mooney, managing director of Diversity Best Practices at Seramount. “We are proud to recognize our Inclusion Index companies for their progress and dedication to creating inclusive workplaces where all talent is valued and set up for their own success.”

Key findings from the 2022 Seramount Inclusion Index are:

  • Recruitment, retention, and advancement: Eighty-eight percent of companies provide learning and development opportunities specifically for employee resource group (ERG) leaders (compared with 83 percent of the 2021 Index companies); fifty-four percent factor ERG leadership positions into succession planning (compared with 52 percent of the 2021 Index companies).
  • Inclusive corporate culture: Eighty-nine percent of companies provide anti-racism training (compared with 73 percent of the 2021 Index companies); ninety percent of companies set percentage goals for diverse representation (compared with 88 percent of the 2021 Index companies); sixty-seven percent of companies compensate for DEI results (compared with 57 percent of the 2021 Index companies); and 97 percent have formal supplier diversity programs (compared with 92 percent of the 2021 Index companies).


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